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Bio Wintercherry Body Nourisher 190ML

This nourishing lotion is a blend of pure winter cherry, sunflower, safflower, musk root and almond oil, to supply moisture and nutrients crucial to body health and vitality. Soothes, softens and revitalizes even weather-roughened body skin, as it promotes elasticity, suppleness and moisture balance.

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Manufactured By: Bio Veda Action Research Company, khasra Number 439/42, 441/43, 526/442/43, Mauja- rampur Ghat, Tehsil- Paonta Sahib, Dist- Sirmour( H.P.), Pin- 173025

Month and Year of Manufacturing: Details will be provided soon

Customer care: Biotique,

Address: B-2/67, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Area,Badarpur, New Delhi, 110044

Contact details: 0120-4299700, 1-800-103-9825

Country of Origin: Made In India

Surajmukhi Oil, Kusumbhi Tail, Sarson Tail, Badam Tail, Jatamanshi Root, Ashwagandha Root, Lotion Base Q.S.

Massage into damp body skin until completely absorbed, morning and evening.

Bio Wintercherry Body Nourisher 190ML

Rejuvenating Body Nourisher


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This nourishing lotion is a blend of pure winter cherry, sunflower, safflower, musk root and almond oil, to supply moisture and nutrients crucial to body health and vitality. Soothes, softens and revitalizes even weather-roughened body skin, as it promotes elasticity, suppleness and moisture balance.
Surajmukhi tail (Helianthus annuus oil), Kusumbhi tail (Carthamus tinctorious oil), Sarsoan tail (Brassica nigra oil), Badam tail (Prunus amygdalus oil), Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Lotion base Q.S.
Winter Cherry is one of the most rejuvenating botanical in nature, used for generations to revive and de-stress both body and senses.
Surajmukhi( Sunflower seeds)
Sunflower seeds contain certain nutrients which contribute to the health and vitality of the skin. Vitamin E is one of those which help in preventing the skin from free radical damage as well as sun damage. It also prevents scarring and appearance of wrinkles.
Kusumbhi( Safflower oil)
Safflower oil is found to be ideal for improving the quality and texture of skin due to the abundance of linoleic acid. They combine with the sebum in human skin to unclog the pores and reduce rashes and acne. They also facilitate the regeneration of new skin cells, leaving you look younger and gorgeous.
How to Use:
Suggested Product- BIO GREEN APPLE
This refreshing formula is blended with pure green apple extract, sea algae and centella, to purify and nourish the scalp and hair with natural minerals and proteins. Special pH balanced formula is gentle enough to use every day. Leaves hair refreshed and full of natural body and shine.
About BRAND:
1992: The year that Biotique began
Vinita Jain began her lifelong quest to advance the wisdom of her holistic legacy for all to live and thrive on. The Himalayan Masters lived in the caves on Vinita Jain’s family’s estates, where she learned to read Sanskrit and studied the ancient Ayurveda texts.
The recipes for youth & longevity were of particular interest to her. Vinita Jain studied bio-technology in Switzerland and used her immense knowledge and interest in bio-science to start Biotique-- a new age of potent organic beauty.

She is the visionary who introduced modern Swiss bio-technology to 5000 year old wisdom, featuring the best of the East and West with authentic, 100% vegetarian, Ayurveda skin care, hair care and wellness products .

Today, Vinita Jain orchestrates a team of qualified Ayurvedic Doctors, Scientists and Swiss Cosmetologists who design, manufacture and pack all Biotique products. The Ayurvedic Doctors are expert practitioners in many fields of natural medicine and health care to extract nature’s full body of knowledge. The result: highly effective skin and hair care products that treat and preserve health, beauty and well-being as never ever before.

Biotique products are synonymous with serious skin and hair care developed from Ayurveda, the principal medical tradition in India for over 5000 years.
A passion for quality and sustainability. The promise of naturally-derived Ayurvedic beauty, advanced by scientific expertise.
Our mission is to satisfy the diverse beauty needs of customers and cultures who seek natural beauty products that are as effective as they are environmentally responsible.
Today, Biotique personifies the ultimate in authentic Indian traditional medicine, advanced by cutting edge Swiss biotechnology-a beauty legacy built on product purity, sustainability, universality, pioneering research, development and manufacturing for over 25 years.

Biotique treatments do not cover up problems-they eliminate them. With 100% natural botanicals. No chemicals. No preservatives. No animal testing. All in eco-friendly and recyclable packaging. Dermatologist Tested For Safety.
Biotique products are made of 100% organically-pure, preservative-free ingredients and renewable resources-cultivated, gathered, blended and manufactured in the foothills of the Himalayas.

At Biotique, hybrid plant and plant extracts are combined with biotechnology to produce highly effective products.
We have a special cold extraction process that preserves the active ingredient of the plant so that the intelligence of the plant can interact with the intelligence of the body to promote health and beauty.

Formulated from organically grown pure plant extracts, Biotique products are made to EEC and FDA standards and incorporate the principles of preventive medicine for everyday use.

Our products are designed, manufactured and packed by qualified Ayurveda Doctors, Swiss Cosmetologists and Dermatologists. All Ayurvedic Doctors are practitioners in various fields of natural medicine and health care
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Winter Cherry

WINTER CHERRY is one of the most rejuvenating botanicals in nature, used for generations to revive and de-stress both body and senses.

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Aparna Das.

Dec 31,2018
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An Incredible Product.

This is the best body lotion I have ever come across. It is a very thick lotion and heavily moisturizes the skin. The moisturizing effect lasts for long hours. This lotion treats dry skin very effectively & makes skin soft and healthy. The consistency of the lotion is perfect with smooth texture which blends well & absorbs easily & skin feels cool and refreshing for long hours. I like it's divine fragrance. It is non-greasy & travel friendly product. I like it's convenient packaging which is made up of good quality plastic and quite sturdy as well. This lotion comes with good quantity which lasts for a long time. This body lotion enriched with goodness of natural ingredients which deeply nourishes skin. I am very much happy with this product. I highly appreciate the efforts & hard work of the makers. Thank you Biotique for this incredible product.



Dec 03,2018
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Good Product!

It's really good for winter because it keeps your skin Moisturize and have good smell as well.
Would recommend it to everyone thinking to buy it!



Nov 27,2018
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nourishing lotion

this product give good nourishment and makes skin tone even.



Feb 13,2018
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Bio Wintercherry Body Nourisher

It works perfectly for my stubborn dry skin, pampering it really nicely. Its made my skin feel really soft and even adds a very healthy glow to it.

It holds really good value for money because just a little dab of it does the trick and the quantity in the bottle is a lot. Leaves me feeling very refreshed, a good kickstart to my day and blends in perfectly as well if I use it before I put on my makeup. Fragrance wise it is absolutely aromatic and comes in this charming bottle.



Feb 12,2018
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perfect for everyone

I've used this product only once, so I did not know what to expect. but I did not take me long, to realise that this was one of the best natural products to use during winter. It is a long-lasting moisturizer, and something I never leave the house without. I have extremely dry skin, so I keep this bottle in handy. It fits perfectly into my bag and is one of my must-have accessories. The fragrance is unbelievably lovely and makes me smell like a fruit. Definitely in love with all of the Biotiques products, and have told everyone I know to use them.



Feb 09,2018
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Bio winter cherry body nourisher

It is completely preservative free and consists of organically grown fruit. It nourishes yours skin for 12-14 hours. The consistency is thick supplements good moisturization. The almond oil which is really good for the body does enhance the outcome of the product.Winter is usually when we’re all busy scurrying around looking for products like this. I think it’s a perfect gift as well, coming with mostly my personal guarantee, but it’s a lovely nourisher, something I definitely love sharing with my friends.



Jan 15,2018
Share this Review :

love the product

Best all-season moisturiser in the business! Lovely, mild fragrance and perfect texture. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who gets that almost cracked skin when it gets cold.

It's fairly thick, but non greasy so use sparingly while applying otherwise it tends to be too much for the skin to absorve. It's one of my favorites, just like a refreshing walk into a fruit garden!


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