For about two decades, Biotique has been the pioneer in Ayurveda based botanical skincare which has successfully revived the ancient traditions of Ayurveda with 21st-century advancements in biotechnology.

As we would say from ‘Books to bottles,’ we believe that innovation enhances the efficacy of a product. We insist on high-quality parameters for production and product development. Above all, we think that humans and nature have a more profound connect than what the world can envision.

A proud heritage of Ayurveda and ultra-modern technology from Switzerland together create what Biotique believes in most, unsurpassed ethical skin care for the future, a lifetime solution that does not cover up skin problems. It eliminates them. We realize nature’s real potential and extract the very best from it to refresh and revitalize ourselves because, at Biotique, beautiful skin and hair is not just a promise, it is a heritage.

This year too, like all the previous ones have been eventful as Biotique’s awards and accolades galore kept on growing!
Here are some of your favorites which have not only managed to win hearts but have been bestowed with rewards and recognition. Do try out these ‘Beauty Gems from Biotique’.


Partnered with Amazon this year, the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards brought together an ensemble of remarkable products under its umbrella. Biotique’s products were as radiant as ever bagging some very prestigious awards.

Bio Sandalwood Lotion

Looking for a sunscreen that heals and cools at the same time? Bio Sandalwood Lotion is your answer. Generally, SPF’s leave a white film on your skin and do not prove to be water resistant as well. This one, on the contrary, is nothing like the counterparts. It’s even better because apart from being a nutrient-rich lotion that is blended with pure sandalwood, saffron, wheat germ, honey and bark of the arjun tree to keep skin soft, fair and moisturized, it also protects skin with broad spectrum SPF 50 UVA/UVB sunscreen. Very water resistant, retains SPF, even after 80 minutes in the water.

Sandalwood being a healer and cooling agent, its goodbye to your sunny woes!

Bio Almond Oil Cleanser-

Remove makeup, dirt, dust and impurities from your deepest skin pores to pull out any debris or bacterial build up. The natural Almond oil cleanses with the ‘good oils’ and leaves your skin cleansed yet with a supple sheen. This soothing cleanser is blended with nourishing almond, safflower, sesame, neem and staff tree oils to dissolve heavy face and eye makeup quickly and gently. Leaves skin silky-fresh.

Bio Green Apple Shampoo

Loaded with anti-oxidants, Green Apple stimulates hair growth and adds a lustre to your mane, not forgetting the delicious fruity aroma that refreshes you throughout the day. Biotique’s Green Apple Shampoo has this and much more. Awarded for its efficacy, this shampoo is a must-have in your hair care regime.


Touted to be the most outstanding in Beauty, Nykaa Beauty Awards showcase the ‘best of the best’ beauty products in the industry

Bio Cucumber Toner

A hero from Biotique family, Bio Cucumber Toner is like your skin’s healthy drink with juices from fresh cucumbers blended with Himalayan waters. Apart from the features of toner, this product is the Holy Grail for acne prone skin. Therapeutic and super healing, this toner is your go-to product for healthy, supple and moist skin which is self-healing

Now that you have a list of must-haves from the most liked, and awarded beauty care products, what are you waiting for?

With a promise of stepping into the future with the vast abundance of our Ayurveda heritage and bringing forth to the world a range of proven Ayurvedic blends for youthful skin, Biotique would continue to strive for excellence in beauty and skincare. Hoping and cheering for many more accolades to come.

We hope you all keep on showering your love for our products and as consumers place your trust on us!

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