Natural And Ayurvedic ways to get Glowing , Nourishing and Brightening skin

It’s amazing how there are different skin colours around the world, and how they vary from continent to region, ethnicity and race. From dark brown to yellowish pink, to fairly pink, our skin colour varies, and it is due mainly to the presence of a pigment called melanin. It is scientifically proven that melanin is controlled by at least 6 genes. So, before we share our study on how to get a visibly fairer skin tone, let’s burst some myths first – you can’t really completely change the colour of your skin by many shades. However, with the help of ayurvedic whitening skin creams, you would be able to give your skin an even tone, lesser pigmentation and a radiant complexion.

There are many products in the market that promise to change your complexion from dark to fair or very fair in a matter of time…but most of them fail in their claim as they don’t work on the deep-rooted problem. They rather work on the surface and hence the results don’t last long. Does that mean getting fair skin is a myth? When everything fails, Ayurveda comes to help. Ayurveda has some hidden secrets in its lap that could render a glowing skin. And who doesn’t want glowing skin? Apart from making you look more attractive, it is also a sign of good health. So stay hooked and read on to know more on Skin Whitening products!

Coconut – It is one of those magical products that are very effective for treating dark spots, acne and freckles. It is a powerhouse of fibre, Vitamin C and minerals, and hence act as a natural exfoliant which stimulates collagen and minimizes cell damage. Regular use of coconut – both orally and cosmetically, clears the skin of all the pigmentation, caused by harmful UV and UB rays. It is also an excellent moisturiser and can penetrate better than other oils. This is the reason many people treat coconut lotion as a whitening night cream to soothe out and repair skin. This is exactly what Bio Coconut Whitening and Brightening cream does. It is made of pure virgin coconut (cold-pressed for retaining maximum nutrients while extraction) fades away dark spots and blemishes and with regular usage, your skin becomes noticeably fairer, smoother and brighter.
Natural fruits and juices – Accept it or not, but a lot of skin problems can be solved with a healthy and balanced diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables have immense minerals and vitamins in them, that can take your skin tone to another level! So eat fresh fruits and juices, and boost the natural glow of your skin. Club it with Bio Whitening facial cream for a flawless look! This face wash is blended with the juices of pineapple, tomato, lemon and papaya fruit to visibly lighten the skin for a fairer and flawless look. It is advised to be used twice a day for better results. Bio Fruit Face Pack is also a super whitening & depigmentation face pack with extracts of lemon, papaya and tomato. It is suitable for all skin types and with regular use you can reclaim your lost skin vitality.

Whitening creams – Firstly, why do we want a whitening cream? Do our parents or grandparents used to apply such creams? The answer may be no. They rather used natural ingredients like almond, saffron, rose, turmeric, etc. Also, the atmosphere and climate of past years was health friendly. Today, with increasing pollution and global warming, our skin is getting pigmented, dark circles and tanning is increasing. Hence the whitening creams that not just aim to make your skin tone visibly fairer, but helps in maintaining your skin colour, with no discoloration, dark spots or uneven tone.

BXL Cellular Whitening Cream is a targeted depigmentation moisturizer that helps fade dark spots and discolorations for an evenly toned and radiant complexion. BXL is a new power source for intercellular communication with 100% natural botanicals and biologically advanced ingredients essential to healthy skin life. So stimulate the cell renewal and up your skin in a matter of days!

Stay away from the expensive, harsh skin whitening treatments that promise glowing skin but under deliver! Rather say hello to the natural world of giving your skin the texture and tone it deserves with the amazing range of Biotique products. You can also seek our free skin consultation help and we would get back to you with the right kind of products to suit your skin!

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