How to Choose The Right Makeup For Your Skin

How to Choose The Right Makeup For Your Skin?

Everything that glitters is not gold! This phrase rightly fits into the context of choosing the ideal makeup for your skin. Many people, generally women, tend to get allured by the synthetic beauty of the makeup materials which are predominantly available in the market. However, many of you may not realize that these makeup products have drastic consequences concealed within their aesthetic coverings. Thus, you are left with a dreadful skin, and it becomes quite a daunting task for your skin to breathe adequately.

Thanks to Natural Makeup Products, which has created a sensation and has come as a ray of hope in the makeup industry, and specifically, it is the “All-natural” Biotique. With an impeccable quality of stunning natural beauty products in their closet, Biotique has become a household name. All their products are skincare-infused, meaning, while making you look pretty, it also helps nourish your skin. But, possession of a quality product alone does not ensure you a firm and classy makeup. It takes a proper guide to analyse and evaluate which makeup would be more compatible with your skin tone and quality.

Skincare Infused Makeup

Now, the question that arises here is “ how to choose the right makeup for your skin?”, and the perfect solution for the question is elaborated in the points below:

1. Get insights into the composition of your skin tone- Makeup can give you a flawless skin or can be a total blunder if you don’t pick the right shade of foundation and concealer. Warm and cool are the two familiar skin tones. If you want to cover your blemishes, spots, or acne scars, then you can go for a concealer made from natural colour pigments.


(i) Biotique offers Diva Radiance Illuminating Foundation SPF 25 (DUNE, SAND DUNE) or Diva Radiance Illuminating Foundation SPF 25 ( ASPEN) for the two contrasting skin tones.

(ii) Diva Secret Cover Concealer, which comes in three shades, Iced Ivory, Chic Cashmere, and Brilliant Buff. It has all-natural pigments which allow ultra-breathing of the skin

2. Precisely know about your skin color- Knowing your skin color is as important as knowing your skin tone. This helps in analyzing the makeup that is best compatible with your skin tone, and the complexion of your skin color.


(i) Diva Touch Satin Smooth Skin 3-IN-1 Compact Makeup (ASPEN Sheen) for fair complexion, and Nutmeg Gold for other skin types.

(ii) The Compact Powder comes with SPF 25+, which protects the skin from UV rays and helps in breathing the skin.

3. Ideal Eye and Lip colors according to your skin- Going out with friends or for family dinner only requires you have a sober eye and lip makeup. Eye and lip makeup also largely depends on your skin color and tone. Synthetic eye makeup products can damage your eyelashes, hence, it is essential that you opt for natural products which nourish the most precious element of your eye i.e., the eyelash.


(i) Diva Palette Eye shadow has got unique shades made from natural pigments which highlight the eye.

(ii) Stargaze Matte EyeLiner has natural pigments that help in nourishing the eyelashes.

(iii) Magikajal is an ayurvedic product made from sesame oil, sweet almond oil, Indian gooseberries, and berries which makes it soothing for the eyes.

(iv) Diva Dreams Two In One Mascara made from natural pigments adds a suitable volume to your eyelashes and also ensure nourishment of them.

(v) Diva Pout Lipstick available in various shades for different skin tones only at Biotique. These lipsticks are made from natural pigments, which keep the lips soft, hydrated, and well moisturized.

Removing Makeup

Most of the women are a pro at applying makeup. However, when it comes to removing it, they either wash it away with a cleanser or soap. Biotique recommends using an almond oil cleanser, which thoroughly cleans the heavy makeup and ensures that it is not too damaging while removing eye makeup.

Almond Oil Cleanser is a blend of oils from almond, sesame, neem, safflower, and staff tree. This cleanser promises to leave your skin silky and fresh as it is organic and free from preservatives.

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