How to Get a Perfect Wedding Look?

How to Get a Perfect Wedding Look?

For all brides, their wedding is one of the grandest events in their lives. Being a bride, you would be meeting a lot of people, getting photographed constantly and being involved in so many other activities. Needless to say, you would want to know how to look perfect on your special day. Here are a few tips that can go a long way in ensuring that you look as beautiful outside as you feel inside on your big day!

1. Pamper your Skin- Planning your wedding can be pretty stressful for your mind as well as your skin. This can make your skin look dull and lifeless on D-day. Take a breather and indulge in a skin-pampering session by using the Bio Wedding Kit. This kit has all the essential ayurvedic products to revitalize your stressed-out skin.

Bio Wedding Kit

2. Get Your Lash Game on Point- Do you feel like you are looking drab on your wedding day? Make your eyes pop bright by using the Diva Dreams Two in One Mascara Volume and Definition by Biotique. With this mascara, you can define your lashes and give them the much-needed volume to enhance your oomph factor.

3. Glow and Shine- An illuminator is the best way to add an iridescent glow to your face. Biotique’s Starglow Sheer Skin Illuminator is the best pick to highlight and add a peachy tint to your face. Pick a shimmery tint which goes perfectly with your wedding outfit to complete the look and make your face glow radiantly.

Starglow Sheer Skin Illuminator

4. Give Priority to Your Skin Care Regime- Brides often steer away from their skincare regime prior to their wedding day as they are occupied with numerous tasks. If you cannot spare time to visit a salon, pick any of the Facial Kits by Biotique and give your skin the much-needed care and attention from the comfort of your home.

Facial Kits

5. Perfect the Colourful Pout- The right lipstick can transform your face completely and make you look ravishing. Biotique has a range of lipsticks in eye-catching colors which are all curated using natural ayurvedic substances to add the extravagant glam factor to your wedding look.

6. Define your Eyes- The best way to define your eyes is to use an eyeliner. A dark black eyeliner can dramatically transform your eyes and make you look stunning on any special day. Biotique’s range of eyeliners are a perfect choice for this.


7. Conceal the Imperfections- An uneven skin tone can damage any wedding look and make you look ordinary and regular. You can fix this by getting the right foundation for your skin tone. Not only would this fix your uneven skin but it would also conceal any minor imperfections that you may have and act as the perfect base for your makeup. Biotique’s Diva Radiance Illuminating Foundation or Diva Secret Cover Care Concealer would be perfect for the job!

Since the wedding day is no ordinary day, you, of course, would want to look your best and stand out among a room full of people. These tips can help you achieve a glamorous look on your special day.

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