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ALMOND OIL Deep Cleanse Purifying Cleansing Oil 120ml

Almond oil deep cleanse purifying cleansing oil 120ml

Deep cleanse, Dissolve heavy makeup, Gives Nourishment to skin

BERBERRY MILK Deep Cleanse Hydrating Make up Remover 120ml

Berberry milk deep cleanse hydrating make up remover 120ml

Gives Nourishment to skin, Soothes the texture of lips, Gives even texture

Pineapple Oil Control Foaming Face Cleanser 120ml

Pineapple oil control foaming face cleanser 120ml

Oil control, Remove excess oil, Softens Skin

Berberry Anti Oxidant Deep cleanser Makeup Removal

Berberry anti oxidant deep cleanser makeup removal

Skin Soften, Helps in smootehn skin, Gives Nourishment to skin

Clean Bxl Cellular Foaming Cleanser 200Ml

Clean bxl cellular foaming cleanser 200ml

Removes dirt and impurities, Brightens the complexion , Gives Nourishment to skin


Biotique Helps

Your Questions, Answered.
Which cleanser is best for oily skin?

Biotique bio-pineapple cleansing gel enriched with extracts of pineapple, clove oil, neem and euphorbia plant removes dirt and oil. It purges the skin's pores of all chemical remnants. This product is exclusively designed for people who have oily skin

Which Biotique cleanser is best?

Bxl cellular cleansing solution for all skin types is the best cleanser offered by Biotique. It decongests and refreshes the skin. It is a non-soap and non-alkaline lotion which dissolves makeup and other impurities on the skin.

Is Biotique cleanser good for oily skin?

The Biotique cleansers are a boon for oily skin as it removes the leftover makeup, grime, and oil from the face. These are the impurities which worsen the sebum accumulation in oily skin, further leading to acne. Oily skin responds best to Biotique's bio-pineapple cleansing gel.

How do you use Biotique cleanser?

Simply take a sufficient amount of cleanser on a cotton or scrub pad and gently wipe out the makeup from the face. Some cleansers require gentle application and massage directly on the face, followed by a rinse with water.

Which is the best cleanser for face?

A cleanser which resolves your skin issues is the best for you, and Biotique has a wide array of products to choose from. All of them are good cleansers and leave the skin soft and gentle due to their natural ingredients.

Can I use cleanser daily?

Using a cleanser daily is a must. Specifically at night, to remove all the dirt, oil, and grime lying on the skin due to the exposure to the external environment throughout the day. It also removes the makeup gently, avoiding any accumulation on the skin that may block the pores and aggravate the skin issues.

How long should I leave cleanser on my face?

Cleanser acts quickly once applied. There is no requirement to leave it on the skin. Though while applying it, be gentle on the skin and use a soft cloth or cotton.

Provide the Finest Skincare to Your Face with Biotique Face Cleanser

A face cleanser is a must-have item for maintaining the health of your facial skin. It helps remove all the dirt and impurities that accumulate on the skin throughout the day. Moreover, these skin cleansers, which comprise natural nutritional elements, rejuvenate the skin, making it supple and soft.

The cleansers you use on your face should contain organic ingredients for the best maintenance of your face's skin safety. A natural facial cleanser from Biotique comprises organic components that ensure the perfect skincare for your face skin.

How a Biotique Face Cleanser Makes Your Skin Happy & Healthy?

Here are the benefits of using a Biotique natural cleanser for skin:

  1. Perfect Hydration for Your Skin:

    The ingredients used to make Biotique products are all herbal and organic, making it the perfect moisturizer for your facial skin. It makes your skin soft as all the cells of your facial skin get proper hydration with this face cleanser.

  2. Deep Cleansing of Your Skin Pores:

    A cleanser removes pollutants, germs, grease, and makeup from your face right from the pores. This process ensures that your skin gets a deep cleansing making it less prone to bacterial or fungal growth. A herbal cleanser for the face from Biotique does this cleansing using natural ingredients.

  3. Effective Control of Skin Oiliness:

    The production of oil or sebum is a natural occurrence for your skin. This excess oil production by your skin's sebaceous glands gets well controlled by Biotique cleanser for oily skin. Combining the science of ayurveda and natural extracts makes it the best oil-controlling cleanser for your face skin.

Types of Biotique Skin Cleansers

On the basis of the method used to cleanse your face, skin cleansers from Biotique are of the following types:

  1. Foam-Based Cleansers:

    The foaming effect of this type of cleanser is helpful in getting rid of excess oil and greasiness from your face. In addition, some cleansers from Biotique are foam-based, making them natural facial cleansers for oily skin.

  2. Oil-Based Cleansers:

    An oil-based cleanser is excellent for gently removing grease and makeup from your skin. It helps maintain the protective layer of your skin while cleaning it and is the best facial cleanser for dry skin.

  3. Gel-Based Cleanser:

    If your skin type is oily or prone to acne breakouts, a gel-based cleanser is a perfect solution. You will get gel-based cleansers from Biotique, which is also a herbal cleanser for the face made entirely of natural botanical products.

Discover the World of Biotique Face Cleansers

Biotique has many face-cleansing skincare products that will help you clean all types of skin, and they are as follows:

  1. Biotique Almond Oil Deep Cleanse Purifying Cleansing Oil:

    This cleanser for dry skin is great at removing makeup from your face. Made of almonds, soy, and sesame seeds, it dissolves eye and face makeup to deep cleanse your skin. Almond oil in this cleanser for dry skin provides the necessary nourishment to your skin with vitamin E and antioxidants. Soy helps in improving the texture of your skin, while sesame brings out the glow in your face. In addition, you can prevent the formation of pimples and eczema with this natural facial cleanser.

  2. Biotique Berberry Milk Deep Cleanse Hydrating Make Up Remover:

    You can deep cleanse and remove your makeup from the face through this non-foaming lotion cleanser. This product from Biotique is a herbal cleanser for the face that will leave your skin invigorated with the berberries giving the feeling of coolness to your skin. You can even enhance the complexion of your skin as it contains almond oils and sunflower extracts in this best face cleanser product.

  3. Biotique Bxl Cellular – Foaming Cleanser for All Skin Types:

    It is a dermatologically tested cleanser with advanced concentrated skin repair technology. This gel-like face cleanser forms a foaming lather in contact with water to remove any oil and grease from your facial skin. It uses 100% natural botanical extracts to give your skin an energizing, soothing, and nourishing effect. The Bxl cellular formula of this best face cleanser makes your skin soft and supple from within.

  4. Biotique Berberry Anti-Oxidant Deep Cleanser Makeup Removal:

    It contains fenugreek, berberry, and lodhra bark, which nourish, smoothen and soften your skin while deep cleansing. This natural cleanser for the skin contains berberry with anti-inflammatory properties that heals and protects your skin. In addition, the cleanser helps to remove makeup or impurities from your skin and brightens the complexion of your face with vitamin C from fenugreek.

  5. Biotique Pineapple Oil Control Foaming Face Cleanser:

    The bromelain present in pineapple is an enzyme excellent for therapeutic purposes for the skin. It even contains wild turmeric extracts, which have anti-bacterial properties that prevent acne formation. This Biotique product is the best face cleanser for oily skin as it is very effective at oil control. Even the neem present in this cleanser has excellent healing qualities for the skin.

  6. Biotique Bio Honey Gel Foaming Cleanser:

    It is a gel-based, perfect cleanser for dry skin types as it contains honey which acts as a natural moisturizer for your skin. Honey even contains many minerals and vitamins like B1, B2, B3, zinc, Copper, and iodine beneficial for the skin. The ingredients of this face cleanser are arjuna bark and wild turmeric that, prevent signs of aging of your skin. Your skin feels hydrated, improving the elasticity of your facial skin.

    The critical process of cleansing your face involves the use of skin cleansers that are organic and natural. Biotique produces its skincare products with the utmost care of this factor. All its cleansers for the face and beauty products use the ancient knowledge of ayurveda to identify the right ingredients. As a result, the Biotique face cleanser price is very reasonable and the benefits it provides compared to other similar products. Most of the cleansers are suitable for all skin types but ensure you choose the right one.

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