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Pack of 2 Imperial Patchouli perfume

Pack of 2 imperial patchouli perfume

Feelings of joy, confidence, and a sense of well being


Enchanting Fragrances Combos by Biotique

Fragrance brings back the sweet memories with its one sniff and elevates our mood and confidence right away. It is a component of your beauty that you wear every day. Biotique offers a wide range of products including fragrance and combo perfumes. Our beauty brand specializes in ayurvedic beauty and skincare products, which is evident in its natural fragrances as well. All the fragrance combos from Biotique are thoughtfully curated fragrance bundles to give you the very best scents from our collection. Each combo is designed for a special purpose. Our perfumes are a sign of style, class, and personalisation. Get ready to be immersed in a world of exotic fragrances with the best perfume combos created by Biotique.

Pack Of 2 Imperial Patchouli Perfume

Imperial Patcholi is a unique feminine scent with a perfect blend of floral and woody notes. This long-lasting scent is best suited for the evening breeze. The key ingredients are patchouli, water lily and orris. This product will give you feelings of joy, confidence, and a sense of well-being. Enjoy some perks when using this fragrance like: 

  • Stays on the skin for hours.
  • A perfect blend of complementary notes.
  • Best suited as evening wear.
  • Stylish and romantic bliss.
  • No harmful chemicals 
  • No skin or respiratory allergens or irritants

Fragrance notes of perfume combos

Just like music notes, the fragrance also has notes. Mastering the different notes of fragrance is key for the scent-lover as well as the manufacturer. Fragrance notes are basically how the different scents are layered to create a final fragrance. Any fragrance is made up of three main notes- top, heart and base notes. All these notes work in combination to generate a lingering scent. Just hold the bottle at some distance and spray it on all the pulse points on your body. Let's look at the fragrance notes of the Biotique Patchouli combo:

 Top notes of Patchouli: It helps to calm emotions and enhance the mood with its refined and enchanting scent. It is an incredibly romantic fragrance for the evening.

 Middle notes of Water Lily: It inspires calmness and relaxation with its clean and tranquil notes. This soothing and rejuvenating aroma of water lilies enhances the mood.

 Base notes of Orris: Orris provides the fragrance with a touch of elegance and sophistication. It adds depth, romantic appeal and an adding depth, a romantic allure, and a feminine feel while retaining its aroma.

Benefits of perfume combos

Perfume combos, called by different names like gift sets or fragrance sets are meticulously designed collections of scents that blend well with each other. Biotique's experts understand fragrance profiles, trends, and the creative process behind combining scents. Here are some great benefits of buying these fragrance sets:

  • These combos are designed based on a concept or theme. It is possible to select the combos based on your mood, the season, or your preference for natural ingredients.
  • With the varieties offered in a combo, you can enjoy the fragrance in many ways like full-size, travel-size, scented body lotions, shower gel and many more.
  • Perfume combos are generally sold at a slightly lower price compared to individual products. This serves as an incentive for you, and it leads you to explore more products.
  • Combo’s packaging is usually very elegant, decorative, and stylish. This makes them a popular gift choice.
  • Combinations of perfume come in many different types, like men's combos, women's combos, day-night combos, couple combos, etc. Just choose as per your need.
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At Biotique, you can find a wide array of interesting fragrances, combos and more. Regardless of your taste, there is a fragrance for every mood and occasion, whether flowery, fruity, woody or exotic. In addition to not having harmful chemicals, Biotique scents are made from essential oils and natural botanical extracts. Natural ingredients make these fragrances calm, serene, and connected to nature. Perfume combos make great gifts for couples, friends, and family. It adds a personalised touch to your feelings for your loved ones. Additionally,when you buy perfume online from Biotique, it aligns you and the brand with the idea of sustainability. Bring magic into your daily life with Biotique perfume combo offers online.

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