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Born to party with makeup pouch

Color Cosmetic


Ubtan glowing skin essential gift kit

Hydrates skin, Smoothen skin, Healthy glow, Removes tan, Reduces dark spots, Reduces fade, Even skin tone, Brightening, Exfoliate dead skin cells


Wakeup makeup everyday essential kit with makeup pouch

Color Cosmetic

Lipstick Pack of 3: Nude Edition with Lipstick Case

Lipstick pack of 3: nude edition with lipstick case

Color Cosmetic


Daily skin care essential gift kit

skin care


Cleanse and nourish combo

Vitamin E Skincare Kit

Vitamin e skincare kit

Moisturize skin, Gives youthful glow, softens skin

Vitamin C Skincare Regime

Vitamin c skincare regime

Brightens skin, Protects from Sun and repairs sun damaged skin, Made From Natural Ingredients

Face and Bodycare Kit

Face and bodycare kit

Softens skin, Gives Refreshing skin, Natural brightness, Tan removal, Brightening, Revitalizing

Anti Hair fall care kit

Anti hair fall care kit

Promotes Healthy Scalp, Control hair fall, Gives shine to hair,Anti hair fall, Hair regrowth, Prevent Greying of hair

Allure Royal Luxurious Skincare Kit

Allure royal luxurious skincare kit

Helps in nourishing skin, Restores vitality of skin, Gives radiant glow

Summer Care Kit

Summer care kit


Anti tan combo


Refreshing skincare combo


Flawless skincare combo


Perfect dry skincare kit


Biotique All-Natural Makeup Kits: A New Look

Biotique is all about nature and beauty. Our brand is a unique fusion of ayurvedic approach to get the natural glow with botanical extracts. The same goes for our all-natural makeup product line. Using our cosmetics, you will enhance your beauty while nourishing and taking care of your skin. During this festive season, we have designed some gift packs for Biotique lovers to gift to their loved ones and stock up on their makeup essentials. These kits are carefully designed keeping our bestsellers and experts inputs in mind. Let us explore more about the different makeup sets available in this section.

Introducing Biotique festive gift sets for innovative and natural makeup

Biotique products are vegan, free from harmful chemicals and cruelty-free. All our products are made from natural colour pigmentation. Moreover, these products work well for all skin types and work all day long with their hydrating properties. Biotique integrates the science of Ayurveda and organic ingredients into each lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, blush, primer and foundation. The makeup collection includes three ranges - Diva (Exclusive Range), Star (Middle Range) and Magic (General Range). Here are some makeup sets under this category:

Born To Party With Makeup Pouch

This makeup pouch has all the essentials of party makeup like eyeliner, highlighter, mascara, blush and lipstick. You can carry this pouch to get ready for a party anywhere anytime. The Stargaze Eyeliner along with a brush helps you to create precise lines or very bold lines as per your wish. The smooth consistency and lightweight Starglow Sheer Skin Illuminator will improve your complexion with a sheer shine to your face. 

Biotique Starkissed Moist Matte Lipstick will give a matte finish with deep hydration to your lips. The Staaryeyes Mascara with natural colour pigmentation will add volume to your eyelashes with natural colour. Brighten your cheekbones with the Starstruck Matte Blush to finish the look. Reapply if necessary. All these products are skin-friendly and nourish your skin and beautify your look. It is the best kit for face makeup to make you party-ready.

Wakeup Makeup Everyday Essential Kit With Makeup Pouch

This makeup kit pouch comes with everyday essentials for makeup. All the products in this kit are perfect for everyday use and provide sun protection. Moreover, they will keep the skin and lips hydrated and nourished throughout the day. This make-up set products are enriched with natural ingredients and stay long.

It has Magikisses Lip Balm to hydrate and protect your lips with antioxidants, Vitamin E and almond oil goodness. The long-wear Stardew Insta Glow Complexion Care Foundation SPF 20 gives an even skin tone, sun protection, flawless skin and an instant glow to the face. The Starry Eyes Mascara keeps your lashes looking long for the whole day, and the Starkissed Moist Matte Lipstick adds a matte finish to your look. You can use this makeup kit box for your everyday beauty routine.

Lipstick Pack Of 3: Nude Edition With Lipstick Case

This best makeup kit consists of vibrant shades of Starkissed Moist Matte Lipstick. The lipstick pack is rich with natural ingredients to keep your lips moist, plump and soft all day. Biotique lipsticks come in 30 vibrant shades from red to brown. These vivid colours stay for a long time on your lips. It is a unique matte creamy formulation that sits comfortably on your lips. In addition to being easy to apply, this silky, creamy, matte-look, and comfortable lipstick pack comes with a lipstick case for convenience. The shades in these makeup boxes feature a combination of light, medium, and dark colours to suit any look and occasion.

Ubtan Glowing Skin Essential Gift Kit

With this ubtan and collagen kit, you can get all the benefits of traditional ubtan. It has a body wash, body lotion, face wash, face pack and face scrub. These ubtan & collagen range products are made up of natural ingredients like turmeric, lentils, saffron and almond. These products help in removing the tan and dead skin cells to brighten the skin. Body wash and scrub are good for deep cleansing, hydration and nourishment of the body. 

With the regular use of ubtan & collagen face wash, scrub and mask you will get an even skin tone and radiant skin. This kit helps you to get rid of dead skin, excess oil, and pollutants, leading to a healthy complexion naturally. Ubtan has been used as a scrub for centuries for cleaning the skin. As a result, these products provide the benefits of ubtan combined with collagen treatment.

Daily Skin Care Essential Gift Kit

This kit is made for daily care of your face with our bestselling products. It has a face wash, toner and moisturiser. Use it post-workout, when you go window shopping, or anytime to clean, tone, and moisturize your face. This skincare kit helps to clean the pores, moisturize, prevent breakouts, de-tan, nourish and refresh your face. A must-have kit for daily skin care for any skin type.

Allure Royal Luxurious Skincare Kit

This premium and luxurious skincare kit is to give the royal treatment to your skin. These product formulations are based on secret methods from the royal palaces and residences. Enriched with the nourishing properties of jasmine, sandalwood, agaru and saffron this skincare set helps in restoring skin elasticity, youthfulness, moisture and glow. It has a night treatment cream, facial serum and scrub masque. The night cream repairs and nourishes your skin while you sleep. 

Moreover, the silky facial serum gives an instant glow and dewy flawless skin. The scrub cum mask is a 2-in-1 product that works as a scrub and mask in one application. It helps in cooling, cleansing the pores and balancing the oil production of your skin. With the royal ingredients and secret formulation, this kit will help you achieve dewy soft and radiant skin.

Biotique makeup products: why choose them?

For us, your skin’s health is always the top priority. Our products have been known for their purity, naturalness, and sustainability for years. Even when it comes to makeup we have designed it using natural and organic ingredients. 

Ayurvedic Formulation

All our makeup products are crafted as per the ancient Ayurvedic science. With natural and organic ingredients, we believe holistic beauty goes beyond cosmetics.

Cruelty-free products

We do not test any of our products on animals. Biotique doesn't believe in harming nature and ecological balance in any way.

Eco-friendly packaging

We care for Mother Earth as much as we care for your skin. Keeping this concept all our product packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly.

A Skincare-Inspired Foundations

Biotique's foundations are not only just makeup but are also loaded with skincare features. These foundations help to correct skin tone and nourish the skin for a healthy complexion.

Suitable for all skin types

We make products that suit all skin types even sensitive ones. Our team achieve this by using all-natural and botanical ingredients which are gentle on the skin.

Customised collection

Our brand always keeps the customer's needs, preferences and trends in mind. The experts and the scientists design new products and collections as per these inputs.

Perfect gift sets

These makeup kits are ideal as gift sets as they suit all skin types and are made from natural ingredients and botanical extracts. They are valuable and useful gifts for anyone.

Gentle skincare

Our makeup products are dermatologist-tested and are safe to use on the skin. Further, these formulations are very gentle and beneficial for the skin.

Natural beauty

Our makeup products highlight your natural features without any interference to your skin. This will make your inner beauty and natural glow shine.

Chemical free

All makeup products are free from harmful chemicals and parabens. Almost all of the products have SPF protection against harmful UV rays.

Get party-ready with our makeup kits

Overall, these are the best cosmetic kits irrespective of your skin type. They contain all makeup essentials like lipsticks, foundation, blush, liner and mascara for your lips, eye makeup and face. Check out our website to explore the entire range of lips, face and eye makeup products. These formulations are a perfect blend of nature and science to give you effective results without harming your skin. We at Biotique strongly believe in nature and its goodness, so all our products, including our makeup, are made with the well-being and health of the skin in mind. Make your loved ones and yourself happy this holiday season with these exclusive gift kits.
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