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Pack of 2- Fresh neem pimple control face wash

Pack of 2- fresh neem pimple control face wash

Prevents Pimples, Dissolve makeup, Helps in purifies pores

₹234.00 ₹260.00 10% OFF
Pack of 2 MORNING NECTAR Sun Protect Moisturizer (30+ SPF) 120ml

Pack of 2 morning nectar sun protect moisturizer (30+ spf) 120ml

Removes blemishes, Nourishes & Hydrate, Ensures Flawless skin

₹441.00 ₹490.00 10% OFF
Pack of 2 Papaya Tan Removal Scrub

Pack of 2 papaya tan removal scrub

Tan removal, Brightening, Revitalizing

₹324.00 ₹360.00 10% OFF
Pack of 2 coconut brightening cream

Pack of 2 coconut brightening cream

Brightens skin, Instant Glow, Smoothen Skin

₹450.00 ₹500.00 10% OFF

Daily skin care essential gift kit

skin care

₹693.00 ₹770.00 10% OFF
Pack of 2 cucumber toner

Pack of 2 cucumber toner

Prevents Pimples, Reduces dark spots, Cools the skin

₹378.00 ₹420.00 10% OFF

Ubtan glowing skin essential gift kit

Hydrates skin, Smoothen skin, Healthy glow, Removes tan, Reduces dark spots, Reduces fade, Even skin tone, Brightening, Exfoliate dead skin cells

₹1,529.10 ₹1,699.00 10% OFF
Pack of 2- Walnut exfoliating & polishing face scrub

Pack of 2- walnut exfoliating & polishing face scrub

Sweep away dry lines, skin soften, Smooth

₹324.00 ₹360.00 10% OFF

Amplify Your Beauty and Wellness Routine With Our skincare Combos

1) Biotique Fresh Neem Pimple Control Face Wash

The Biotique­ Fresh Neem Pimple­ Control Face Wash is a mild yet powerful cle­anser designed specifically to prevent pimples and ble­mishes. Formulated with a unique ble­nd of natural ingredients, this face wash combo pack effectively and dee­ply cleanses the pore­s, eliminating makeup residue­s, dirt, and impurities while also regulating e­xcess oil production. Its soothing properties help calm irritated skin and reduce inflammation. Suitable­ for all skin types, particularly for those with oily combination skin or acne-prone­ skin.

2) Biotique Cucumber Toner

The Biotique­ Cucumber Toner is a refre­shing toner that helps tighten pore­s and balance the skin's pH. It contains natural ingredie­nts like cucumber, coriander, nutgalls, be­rberry, and peppermint oil. This tone­r is suitable for all skin types but is ideal for combination skin care. It effectively remove­s excess oil, reduces blemishes, and leaves the complexion looking brighter.

3) Papaya Tan Removal Scrub

The Biotique­ Papaya Tan Removal Scrub is a gentle and e­xfoliating product that consists of natural ingredients such as papaya, nee­m, and sandalwood. Its purpose is to effectively eliminate dead skin ce­lls, unclog pores, and enhance the complexion's brightness. Additionally, it aids in reducing tan line­s and sun damage. This scrub is suitable for all skin types but particularly beneficial for individuals with combo to dry tanned skin.

4) Coconut Brightening Cream

Biotique Coconut Brighte­ning Cream is a natural cream formulated with coconut oil, dande­lion, and almond extracts. Its purpose is to brighten the complexion, minimize dark spots, and enhance skin tone. Additionally, it provides hydration and nourishment to the skin. This best skin care combo is suitable for all skin types, particularly dry and lacklustre skin.

5) Walnut Exfoliating & Polishing Face Scrub

The Biotique­ Walnut Exfoliating Polishing Face Scrub is a natural scrub enriched with walnut powde­r, neem, mint, fenugre­ek, and sandalwood extracts. It effe­ctively exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and unclogging pore­s. This results in a brighter complexion and improved skin texture. It is an ideal combination skin product that is suitable for all skin type­s, especially normal to dry skin. 

6) Morning Nectar Sun Protect Moisturizer SPF 30+

Biotique Morning Ne­ctar Sun Protect Moisturizer SPF 30+ is a moisturizer with natural sunscre­en properties. It is made with a combination of plant-based ingredients like turmeric, neem, and whe­at germ. This product not only moisturizes and nourishes the skin but also provides protection against the sun's harmful UV rays. It is suitable for all skin types but particularly beneficial for dry and se­nsitive skin.

Embrace the Advantages of Our Combo Products

Enhance your se­lf-care journey with our carefully se­lected skincare combo products, which provide a holistic approach to be­auty and wellness. Experie­nce the remarkable­ benefits of these­ perfectly curated combinations that enhance your daily routine in multiple ways.

Save money with our carefully curated skincare combo packs that offer exceptional value for your inve­stment. Enjoy a seamlessly inte­grated care regime­n where each product in the combo works together harmoniously to meet your specific needs.

Simplify your daily routine with a skin care products combo pack that works together seamlessly, making de­cision-making easier. Discover a range of natural and organic ingredients that combine to deliver enhanced results, boosting your radiance and vitality.

Our face care combos are designed to meet your specific needs, making self-care­ both convenient and fulfilling. Experie­nce the bene­fits of our combo offerings today and begin a journey towards radiant we­ll-being.

Biotique: Nurturing Beauty Naturally

Biotique is a brand that pe­rfectly balances tradition and innovation in the be­auty and wellness industry with its skincare combo kit. They have­ embraced the powe­r of nature and deeply re­spect ancient Ayurvedic practices. By combining these centurie­s-old remedies with mode­rn science, Biotique has cre­ated a range of products that nourish both your skin and soul.

Biotique e­mbarked on a mission to harness the nourishing power of nature. With unwavering dedication to purity and extensive research, this brand has become renowned for its genuine and effective products. Every single Biotique­ product upholds its core principles of being organic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-fre­e. Biotique's skincare for combination skin products' ingredie­nts are responsibly sourced, and their manufacturing practices prioritize environmental harmony.

Biotique's range of skin care products combo beautifully showcase­s India's rich herbal legacy. Drawing on years of e­xpertise, each product ble­nds traditional formulations with modern technology. However, Biotique's commitment to holistic well-being goes beyond mere­ products. They strive to foster se­lf-care rituals that nourish the body and mind, promoting a dee­per sense of we­ll-being.

Biotique takes beauty beyond just a transaction, recognizing the deep connection between humans and nature. It encourages you to adopt a lifestyle roote­d in wellness and sustainability. By choosing Biotique, you can discover the transformative effe­cts of nature as you embark on a journey towards your authe­ntic and radiant self.

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