Festive Special Kits

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Pack of  2 Toothpaste

Pack of 2 toothpaste

Remove stains, Freshen breath, Control tartar

Pack of 3- Basil & Parsley Soap

Pack of 3- basil & parsley soap

Revitalizing skin, Gives Nourishment to skin, Deeply cleanse

Pack of 2 Herbcolor 3N Darkest Brown 50 Gm +110 Ml

Pack of 2 herbcolor 3n darkest brown 50 gm +110 ml

100% grey cover, Natural and healthy shine, Helps in silken hair

Pack of 2 Herbcolor 1N Natural Black 50 Gm +110 Ml

Pack of 2 herbcolor 1n natural black 50 gm +110 ml

100% grey cover, Natural and healthy shine, Helps in silken hair

Pack of 2  Herbcolor 4N Brown 50 Gm +110 Ml

Pack of 2 herbcolor 4n brown 50 gm +110 ml

100% grey cover, Natural and healthy shine, Helps in silken hair

Pack of 2 Bhringraj Growth Hair Oil

Pack of 2 bhringraj growth hair oil

Anti hair fall, Hair regrowth, Prevent Greying of hair

Pack of 2- Fresh neem pimple control face wash

Pack of 2- fresh neem pimple control face wash

Prevents Pimples, Dissolve makeup, Helps in purifies pores

Anti Ageing Kit

Anti ageing kit

Pack of 3 Herbcolor 3N Darkest Brown 50 Gm +110 Ml

Pack of 3 herbcolor 3n darkest brown 50 gm +110 ml

100% grey cover, Natural and healthy shine, Helps in silken hair

Pack of 2 Almond body wash

Pack of 2 almond body wash

Clears out clogged pores, Reduces dark spots, Promotes even skin tone

Pack of 3 Herbcolor 1N Natural Black 50 Gm +110 Ml

Pack of 3 herbcolor 1n natural black 50 gm +110 ml

100% grey cover, Natural and healthy shine, Helps in silken hair

Pack of 2 mountain ebony hair serum

Pack of 2 mountain ebony hair serum

Promotes Healthy Scalp, Control hair fall, Gives shine to hair

Hair Regrowth Kit

Hair regrowth kit

Anti hair fall, Hair regrowth, Prevent Greying of hair, Healthier shine


Anti tan combo

Pack of 3  Herbcolor 4N Brown 50 Gm +110 Ml

Pack of 3 herbcolor 4n brown 50 gm +110 ml

100% grey cover, Natural and healthy shine, Helps in silken hair

Pack of 2 MORNING NECTAR Sun Protect Moisturizer (30+ SPF) 120ml

Pack of 2 morning nectar sun protect moisturizer (30+ spf) 120ml

Removes blemishes, Nourishes & Hydrate, Ensures Flawless skin


Get your festival look on with Biotique's special festival kits

Are you ready to show off your silky-smooth hair and radiant skin at the festival? During festivals, we click picture-perfect looks, savour sweets, make memories, wear makeup, and style with designer clothing. For many, festivals are associated with glamorous make-up, new looks, and bold colours. Festivals are meant to get together, eat tasty treats, set gifts, and celebrate life. In all this, we often forget to take care of ourselves.

However, festivals are a time to show more self-love to look stunning even without any makeup, shiny hair and glowing skin. For its buyers, Biotique has created a separate section of festive special kits keeping in mind bestsellers, season needs, skin concerns, and more. These amazing kits are affordable, and you can use them to stock up your personal care pantry as well. Let's find out more about festival skincare and haircare.

Importance of skincare and haircare during the festive season

The festive makeup and hairstyle will enhance our elegance, confidence, and beauty. Meanwhile, we need to strike a balance between protecting our skin and creating that stunning look. The vibrant colours, styles, chemical products, and treatments will make anyone look glam. However, too much makeup, chemical treatments, or instant glow products can be harmful to your skin. In the festive season, your hair and skin may suffer from the following problems:

Clogged Pores: Frequent use of cosmetics and heavy makeup can clog pores. This leads to whiteheads, blackheads, and blemishes in the absence of proper skincare. Our skin needs proper cleansing and toning to get clean pores.

Skin Irritation: We usually wear makeup and fragrances for a long time during festive seasons. These products contain chemicals which can cause skin irritation, itching or infection. Stick to more natural products for the skincare regime.

Premature Aging: Lack of sleep and stress related to festival preparation can lead to dullness and dark eye circles. Moreover, frequent makeup use without proper removal leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing.

Dehydration: Festivals are busy days when you have much to do and forget to hydrate and eat well. Additionally, chemical-based makeup and hair treatments will damage your skin and hair.

To maintain their natural glow, the body, skin, and hair need to be properly cared for during the festive season. We have years of experience in natural skincare and ayurvedic hair care at Biotique. Since it is festival time, we created an affordable and artistic Ayurvedic gift set for our customers. Moreover, these skincare sets offer a great deal more than just natural care. Look at some of the Biotiques combos in the festive range.

Enjoy the festive season with these skincare kits

Biotique has a wide range of products under its festival range. Here, we have mentioned some of the best beauty kits for your hair, body and face.

Refreshing Skincare Combo

This fruity delight contains everything your face needs to look young, clean, and glowing this festive season. All the Biotique bestsellers are included in this face skin care kit, including face wash, face cream, sunscreen, face pack, and face scrub. You can use this combo in any season and for all skin types. With a regular skincare regime, you can remove tan, de-pigment, and brighten your face.

Summer Skincare Routine Combo

This combo is a perfectly designed skincare set in the summer season. As a result, it helps to cleanse and moisturize the skin. Festivals in summer expose your skin to sweat, dirt, dust, and heat. This results in tan and clogging of pores. It contains honey-based face care products, sunscreen for UV protection, and body lotion to brighten your skin. It also works as a perfect skincare gift set for your loved ones in summer.

Nourish & Shine Bodycare Combo

This beauty set is meant to nourish your hair and body. It contains a soya-rich shampoo for shiny hair. For body care, it includes almond oil body wash and Gota Kula body lotion to gently cleanse and moisturize the skin. In addition, the anti-ageing cream with saffron will brighten the skin and fight the signs of ageing. You can also use this combo as a dry skincare kit.

Vitamin C Radiance Skincare Combo

A beautifully designed combo with vitamin C benefits for your face. It includes face wash, toner, oil-free moisturiser, and sleeping mask all in the clear improvement vitamin C range. This skin care kit for women helps to brighten, protect and repair damaged skin. You can use this kit to give your face a radiant glow in the festivals.

My Beauty Bundle Skincare Combo

This beauty combo has all the skincare essentials like face wash, toner, moisturizer, SPF and night cream. Using these natural products, you can get a bright, toned and even skin tone. It cleans and refines your skin pores, provides sun protection and prevents ageing. It works as a perfect boutique gift set for anyone during the festive season.

Natural Deep Hydration Combo

This body care set deeply hydrates the skin. It contains body oil, body wash, lotion, and shampoo with conditioner. The gentle shampoo can be used as a daily cleanser for your hair. It also smoothens your tresses. This kit helps to rejuvenate, brighten, and protect your skin. The body care gift set is a useful festival gift for radiant and hydrated skin.

Additionally, there are combos for hair colour, anti-hairfall, vitamin E, etc. This range includes Biotique bestsellers that can be used by all skin types. Designed with no harmful chemicals and only plant extracts, these products offer great value.

The best part of the year is festival season. It's about celebrating, looking stylish, and enjoying time with loved ones. During festivals, however, we must maintain a regular care regime for healthy skin and shiny strands. You should balance both sides to avoid long-term damage to your skin and hair. For the festival season, Biotique has offered a variety of product combos specifically designed with botanical ingredients to take care of the skin. Check out the entire range on our website. Bring out the glory of the festivals by using and gifting these Biotique gift sets.
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