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Your Questions, Answered.
Can I use hand sanitizer on your face?

Since it destroys all bacteria, including healthy bacteria, and also dries out your skin by removing its protective natural barrier, it may actually cause more harm than good.

Is Biotique hand sanitizer safe?

Yes, Biotique hand sanitizers are created entirely of natural components and are safe for skin.

Which Biotique Hand Sanitizer is good?

The Biotique Bio Aloevera Instant Hand Sanitizer is the good one. Fortunately, it can immediately help you fight viruses. Keeping yourself safe while on the go is easy with Biotique Hand Sanitizer, which offers rinse-free protection. It decreases the number of bacteria on hands, enhances skin quality, and promotes cleanliness.

Which is the best hand sanitizer?

The best hand sanitizer is Biotique Bio Neem Refreshing Hand Sanitizer. It works well for all skin types. It improves skin condition, reduces bacterial growth on hands, and encourages hygiene.

Is using hand sanitizer advantageous?

Use of hand sanitizer is very effective since it maintains skin health, kills bacteria on hands, and keeps hands clean.

Are there any chemicals in Biotique hand sanitizer?

All Biotique products are produced entirely from natural botanicals and do not contain any chemicals.

How do I use hand sanitizer correctly without causing any harm?

To use, apply generously to the palms and rub hands together until completely dry. There is no need for a towel or water.