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Dandelion youth anti-ageing serum

Visibly repairs, Gives nutrient balanced skin, Smoothen Skin

Vitamin C Dark spot solution 30ml

Vitamin c dark spot solution 30ml

Spot control, Clearer Skin, Brighten skin

MORNING NECTAR Nourish & Hydrate Serum 40ml

Morning nectar nourish & hydrate serum 40ml

Gives Nourishment to skin, Helps in hydrating skin, Prevent dark spots

Anti-Age Bxl Cellular Youth Serum 30Ml

Anti-age bxl cellular youth serum 30ml

Tightens skin, Fades dark spots, Reduces fine lines

₹1,119.30 ₹1,599.00 30% OFF
Biotique Dandelion (Spotless Radiance Serum) 30 Ml

Biotique dandelion (spotless radiance serum) 30 ml

Visibly repairs, Gives nutrient balanced skin, Smoothen Skin


Biotique Helps

Your Questions, Answered.
Which Biotique serum is best?

All the serums available at Biotuique are of top-notch quality. However, the Biotique Dandelion Renew Spotless Radiance Serum beats the rest because it caters to all skin types. It has vitamin E and minerals, which brighten the skin, remove wrinkles, and reduce dark spots.

Is Biotique serum good?

Undoubtedly! Biotique serums are curated with natural elements and are richly endowed with vitamins and minerals to give that extra nourishment to the skin. With aging lines on the skin, dark spots, or general dullness, the Biotique face serums could be your best solution.

Is Biotique serum good for oily skin?

Biotique tea-tree anti-imperfection daily solution is helpful in oil control and giving blemish-free skin.

Can I use biotique serum at night?

Yes. Biotique serum can be used during the day or night, provided the face is cleansed before its application.

When should I apply Biotique serum to my face?

Biotique serum should be applied to the skin after cleansing it with a gentle cleanser. During the day, apply sunscreen after serum and during the night, use a moisturizer.

Which serum is best for glowing skin?

The Bxl cellular youth serum by Biotique is the best for glowing skin. It has a wide spectrum of benefits. Skin brightening, tightening, lightening, and revitalizing are its forte. 100% natural botanical extracts are the secret behind these multidimensional benefits.

Is moisturizer necessary after serum?

During the night, yes. During the daytime, you may also use sunscreen after the serum.

Your Go-to skin serum guide

Serums are highly concentrated solutions that seep much deeper into the skin than any cream or ointment. Facial serums can absorb rapidly and are formulated with high doses of certain active ingredients such as Vitamin C, niacinamide, retinol, etc. Serums are not moisturizers and are an additional step in the skincare routine which is usually applied to address specific skin concerns. The difference between skin serums and moisturizers is that a moisturizer is usually of a thicker consistency and helps to prevent water loss, whereas serum is thinner, water-based, and has a liquid-like consistency and active ingredients that enter the skin through pores and begin working on the skin right away.

Serums based on skin problems: Choosing the right one

Face serums have now become an inseparable part of our daily skincare routine. But choosing the correct serum for the face can prove to be quite challenging. The first step to choosing the best ayurvedic serum for your face is to determine what your skin needs and to search for a natural serum for your face that can provide it for you while ensuring that the ingredients do not cause any damage to your delicate skin. So here’s an ultimate guide for you on how to choose a natural skin serum that can replenish your skin and give your face a healthy & youthful glow:

Face serum for dry skin
You can control the dry and flaky skin on your face by applying a specifically designed face serum for dry skin to restore its hydration. Applying an additional layer of serum to your dry skin will improve the efficacy of your skincare routine. Hydrating serums can help restore moisture, get rid of dead skin cells, and give the skin a refreshed and plumped appearance. You can try out vitamin C serum for the face. Some of our top picks of Biotique serum for dry skin are- Morning Nectar Nourish & Hydrate Serum, Bxl Cellular- Youth Serum For All Skin Types, and Bio Dandelion (Spotless Radiance Serum).

Face serum for oily skin
People with oily skin usually refrain from serums and moisturizers and focus on reducing the greasy and shiny appearance of their skin. But this might activate your skin’s oil gland to produce more sebum which can eventually lead to more breakouts. A face serum for oily skin might help to give your skin just the right amount of hydration, help to counter oil levels, along with offering a few additional benefits. One of the best ingredients for oily skin is Tea tree oil, whose goodness is infused in Biotique’s Tea Tree Anti Imperfection Daily Solution. You should definitely give it a try. You can also use Biotique’s Vitamin C serum for oily skin - Vitamin C Dark Spot Solution. Give these Biotique serums for oily skin a try.

Face serum for uneven skin tone and dark spots
UV rays and fluctuations in estrogen levels cause melanin to rush to your skin's surface and form dark spots. You must include serums in your skincare routine if you are struggling with hyperpigmentation, deep acne scars, and redness to improve your skin condition. A serum for uneven skin tone keeps your complexion needs in check and naturally heals the dark areas from within, provided you pick a natural formula that suits your skin. A Vitamin C serum for the face can help you to deal with all these problems. Some of the best serums for glowing skin are Vitamin C Dark Spot Solution, Apple Cider Vinegar Anti Imperfection Daily Solution, and Bio Dandelion (Spotless Radiance Serum).

Face serum for mature skin
Signs of aging, such as wrinkles, dullness, sagging, dehydration, dark spots, etc., can be visible on the skin with increasing age or with overexposure to the UV rays of the sun. Some of the best Biotique anti-aging serums for the face are Bxl Cellular- Youth Serum For All Skin Types, Dandelion Youth Anti-aging Serum, and Bio Dandelion (Spotless Radiance Serum).

Ideal way of applying skin serums

To ensure maximum absorption, you should apply serum immediately after cleansing and toning (optional) the face. Apply with clean fingers and avoid rubbing them too much. You should not apply the serum after putting on sunscreen, moisturizer, or night cream. You can apply serum as your regular moisturizer if you have oily skin. But if you have dry skin, you should layer the serum under your regular moisturizer. You can also use the serum as a base under your makeup.

List of Biotique face serums and their benefits

Keep reading to check the biotique serum review and biotique serum price.

Serum Benefits Biotique Face Serum Price
Dandelion Youth Anti-aging Serum It gives you a youthful radiance along with restoring visible signs of aging and gives a bright, smooth and plump skin. INR 275
Vitamin C Dark Spot Solution This vitamin C serum for face clears all your dark spots and blemishes and gives you clear and bright skin, and is best serum for glowing skin. INR 560
Apple Cider Vinegar Anti Imperfection Daily Solution It provides nourishment to your skin and cleanses it deeply to give you that smooth, supple glow, and clears all the acne scars, dark spots & evens out your skin tone. INR 560
Bxl Cellular- Youth Serum For All Skin Types This is an ultra-concentrated formula that helps to lighten, tighten, balance, repair, and brighten the skin. It removes the pigmentation and dark spots from your skin, thereby providing you with firm, nourished, and strengthed skin effects. INR 1599
Morning Nectar Nourish & Hydrate Serum This serum can prove to elixir for your dry skin as it nourishes and hydrates your skin along with preventing blackheads, uneven skin tone, dark spots and blemishes. This is the best serum for dry skin INR 275
Tea Tree Anti Imperfection Daily SolutionTea Tree Anti Imperfection Daily SolutionTea Tree Anti Imperfection Daily Solution It helps in reducing blemishes, purifying, and brightening the skin, and perfects skin clarity. This is a face serum for oily skin and normal skin INR 560
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