Summer Facewash

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Papaya Deep Cleanse Face Wash

Papaya deep cleanse face wash

Helps in de tans, Cleanse pores, Brightens Complexion

Fruit Brightening Face Wash

Fruit brightening face wash

Brightens skin, Soften skin, Dissolve makeup and impurities

MORNING NECTAR Moisturize & Nourish Face Wash

Morning nectar moisturize & nourish face wash

Helps in moisturizing skin, Gives Nourishment to skin, Gives brightening skin

Fresh Neem Pimple Control Face Wash

Fresh neem pimple control face wash

Prevents Pimples, Dissolve makeup, Helps in purifies pores

Honey Gel Soothe & Nourish Foaming Face Wash

Honey gel soothe & nourish foaming face wash

Soothen skin, Soften skin, Gives Nourishment to skin

Biotique Advanced Organics Clear Improvement Vitamin C Brightening Face Wash 150Ml

Biotique advanced organics clear improvement vitamin c brightening face wash 150ml

Brightens skin, Fights Free Radical Damage, Reduces uneven skin tone & dark spots.

Pineapple Oil Control Foaming Face Wash

Pineapple oil control foaming face wash

Oil control, Remove excess oil, Softens Skin

GLOW TONIC GEL Pure Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash 150ml

Glow tonic gel pure vitamin e gentle face wash 150ml

Moisturize skin, Gives youthful glow, softens skin


Biotique ubtan & collagen face wash 150ml

Brightening, Removes Tan, Exfoliate dead skin cells

Tea Tree Skin Clearing facial wash 150ml

Tea tree skin clearing facial wash 150ml

Skin Clearing, Washes away excess oil, Removes blemishes


Biotique rice water & niacinamide gel face wash 100ml

Reduces Blemishes, Brightening, Removes excess oil

Coffee Energizing face wash 150ml

Coffee energizing face wash 150ml

Energizing, Healthy Glow, Purifies skin

Apple Cider Vinegar face wash 150ml

Apple cider vinegar face wash 150ml

Pack of 2- Fresh neem pimple control face wash

Pack of 2- fresh neem pimple control face wash

Prevents Pimples, Dissolve makeup, Helps in purifies pores

Fresh Neem Pimple Control Face Wash 150ml

Fresh neem pimple control face wash 150ml

Prevents Pimples, Dissolve makeup, Helps in purifies pores


Biotique Helps

Your Questions, Answered.
What are summer face washes, and why are they essential?

Summer face washes are specially formulated cleansers for the unique skincare needs during the warmer months. They help in removing sweat, oil, and impurities while maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance.

How do I choose the right summer face wash for my skin type?

Know your skin type and issues while selecting a summer face wash. Look for ingredients like cucumber or aloe vera for soothing and hydration, and salicylic acid for oil control and acne prevention.

Can summer face washes help with sun protection?

Summer face washes focus on cleansing the skin, some formulations may contain ingredients like antioxidants for hydrated skin. It's essential to follow up with a dedicated sunscreen with good SPF for adequate protection.

Are Biotique summer face washes suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Biotique offers a diverse range of summer face washes suitable for various skin types, including oily, dry, and combination skin.

Do Biotique summer face washes help control oiliness?

Yes, many of the summer face washes contain ingredients that help control excess oil production, leaving your skin feeling fresh and balanced.

Do Biotique summer face washes help to prevent clogged pores?

Yes, the summer face washes effectively cleanse the skin, removing dirt, oil, and impurities to help prevent clogged pores and breakouts, leaving your skin clear and smooth.

Explore Face Washes Filled With Nature’s Goodness For This Summer

Are you looking for the right face wash for these summer days that is suitable for all skin types? Biotique has brought a collection of the best face wash for summer days. Does not matter which skin type you own; we have face wash for all skin types, which will keep your skin fresh and healthy, giving a soothing feel. So, you start your morning with refreshing Biotique face wash, and before going to bed at night, use it to get a feel of refreshment. 

Biotique Face Wash Composed With Advanced Ayurvedic Formulation And Natural Botanical Extracts!

We have a wide variety of collections of face wash with advanced ayurvedic formulation that will be a great addition to your summer skincare routine. We all know that skincare starts with face wash. Hence, you need to add the best one to let your skin flourish healthily. 

Our best face wash in summer for all skin types is made of natural botanical extracts. It will help you start a great day every summer morning with fresh, clean, and glowing skin. You can explore our exclusive range of natural face washes that act as a perfect cleansing solution for every skin type.

So, are you looking for the best face wash for dry skin in summer or the best face wash for oily skin in summer? We have organic and natural face washes for all skins. You will get endless options to explore from our collection. 

Biotique indulges in the goodness of natural and non-toxic beauty. All our face washes are 100% Natural, Botanical and chemical-free. It is free of all toxins and harsh chemicals. Moreover, every product has undergone dermatology testing and recyclable packaging. Also, they are cruelty-free.

So, you can shop for the best Ayurvedic face wash in summer from our store. Keep in mind that in your diverse skincare routine, adding the right face wash will surely make a great difference by giving you flawless, glowing skin.

Get A Super Clean Face This Summer By Using Biotique Face Wash!

To get a super clean face every day, buy ayurvedic face wash for summer from Biotique. We recommend that you regularly use the face wash twice a day to get healthy and glowy skin with an even-toned texture. As our products are chemical-free, they will prevent redness, skin irritation, or itching, giving you clearer skin. Once you add our summer best face wash to your skincare routine, you will witness clean skin the whole day. 

The Biotique face wash for oily skin in summer will effectively remove excessive oil, dust, impurities, and residues from the skin pores. It will also remove the dead skin cells from the top skin surface and give you naturally clean skin. Besides keeping your skin clean, the face wash will also moisturise your skin, which is very essential this summer.

Using our face wash for dry skin in summer, you will witness soft and supple skin and get rid of dryness. Gently rubbing your skin with the face wash will increase the blood flow and improve circulation. It will retain the moisture and let your skin get rid of dryness. 

You will also get face wash for combination skin in summer from our store, which will control both dryness and excessive oil accumulation in your skin. On summer days, combination skin types face both dry patches and breakouts at the same time. Also, the skin remains oily all the time. You can get rid of these skin problems with clean skin using our natural face wash.

We also have Fresh Neem Pimple Control face wash for acne-prone skin types, which often face pimples and acne breakouts resulting in acne scars and large pores. With regular usage of our face wash, your skin will get rid of the accumulation of impurities and acne-causing bacteria. The face wash will deeply clean your clogged pores.  

Eventually, you can also notice ageing signs fading away. So, you will get the maximum benefit from our face wash for the summer season

Buy Exclusive Biotique Face Wash For Both Men And Women!

Are you searching for the best face wash for men in summer? At Biotique, we have face wash collections that are suitable for men and women. Our face washes are formulated to suit the skin type of both men and women. It is a natural cleansing solution for everyone. You will witness visible results in just a few days after using our face wash.

Benefits of Regular Usage Of Biotique Face Wash

To witness the benefit of our face wash for glowing skin in summer, you need to use it regularly. It should be a part of your summer skincare regime. Here are the benefits you will witness by using our Ayurvedic face wash; 

Deep Exfoliation 

Usually, our skin has a layer of dead skin cells that will take away the natural shine and radiance of our skin. Using Biotique Papaya Deep Cleanse Face Wash, which is the best face wash for glowing skin in summer, with the goodness of advanced Ayurveda, will remove dead cells and result in bright and natural skin.

Improves Blood Circulation

We recommend you use our natural face wash to massage and cleanse your facial skin. It will boost blood circulation in your face and keep it healthy with a natural glow.

Maintains Skin Hydration

Cleansing your skin properly and regularly with the best face wash for summer oily skin, such as the Biotique Honey Gel Soothe & Nourish Foaming Face Wash, will balance the pH level. It will keep your skin softer and nourished, giving a youthful glow. You can check out our best face cleansers for summer that retain your skin's moisture and enhance the glow.

Younger Flawless Look

Biotique Fruit Brightening Face Wash is the best face wash known for promoting a youthful and flawless skin appearance. It will easily wipe out dead skin cells and let the new skin cells rejuvenate. The face wash may not prevent the signs of ageing but play a great role in slowing down the process. So you will witness a flawless look sooner.

Add Biotique Face Wash To Your Skincare Routine This Summer!

Visit our store and shop for the best face wash for summer in India at the best value. You will get a great variety of natural face washes composed of fruits and plant extracts that are suitable and safe for all skin types.

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