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Biotique Advanced Organics Clear Improvement Vitamin C Brightening Face Wash 150Ml

Biotique advanced organics clear improvement vitamin c brightening face wash 150ml

Brightens skin, Fights Free Radical Damage, Reduces uneven skin tone & dark spots.

MORNING NECTAR Nourish & Hydrate Face Scrub

Morning nectar nourish & hydrate face scrub

Sweep away dry lines, skin soften, Smoothens skin

BIO DANDELION (Spotless Radiance  Serum) 30 ml

Bio dandelion (spotless radiance serum) 30 ml

Visibly repairs, Gives nutrient balanced skin, Smoothen Skin

BASIL & PARSLEY Revitalizing Body Wash 200ml

Basil & parsley revitalizing body wash 200ml

Soften skin, Natural brightness, Deeply cleanse

AVOCADO Stress Relief Body Massage Oil

Avocado stress relief body massage oil

Stress relief, Relief body fatigue and tension, Gives Nourishment to skin

MORNING NECTAR Nourish & Hydrate Serum 40ml

Morning nectar nourish & hydrate serum 40ml

Gives Nourishment to skin, Helps in hydrating skin, Prevent dark spots

HONEY WATER Pore Tightening Brightening Toner 120ml

Honey water pore tightening brightening toner 120ml

Pore tightening, Brightens skin, Cools the skin

Apple Blossom Shampoo for-Princess-180ml

Apple blossom shampoo for-princess-180ml

Gently Cleanses the Hair, Balances Scalp pH, Leaves Hair Soft & Smooth

Vitamin C Correcting and Brightening Moisture Treatment 50g

Vitamin c correcting and brightening moisture treatment 50g

Correcting and Brightening Moisture, Gives healthy skin, Gives Intense Hydration


Refreshing cherry blossom shea & vitamin e shower gel

Promotes Radiance, Gives youthful glow, softens skin

Onion  Black Seed Hair Mask 175g

Onion  black seed hair mask 175g

Hair fall control, Helps in hair shiner, Boosts healthy growth and shine.

PAPAYA Tan Removal Brightening & Revitalizing Face Scrub

Papaya tan removal brightening & revitalizing face scrub

Tan removal, Brightening, Revitalizing

CARROT SEED Anti-Ageing After-Bath Body Oil 120ml

Carrot seed anti-ageing after-bath body oil 120ml

Keep skin soft, Remove dry lines and wrinkles

Onion Black seed Hair oil 200ml

Onion black seed hair oil 200ml

Silky and strong hair, Reduces hair fall & breakage, Boosts healthy growth and shine.

PALMYRA Expert Shave Gel 50ml

Palmyra expert shave gel 50ml

Moisture balance shave, Gives radiant glow, helps in nourishing skin

GOTU KOLA Smooth Skin Body Lotion

Gotu kola smooth skin body lotion

Extra Brightening, Radiance, Moisturize skin