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Biotique Aloevera Baby Sun Block Spf20 Sunscreen

Biotique aloevera baby sun block spf20 sunscreen

Skin Protectant Moisturizer, Sunscreen protection, Made From Natural Ingredients


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Your Questions, Answered.
What is the safest cream for babies?

Milk Soothing Cream is the safest cream for babies. This nutritious cream is made of only natural ingredients, which helps to moisturise a child's delicate skin. It protects the baby's skin from irritation and dryness. Baby is also left feeling clean, soft, and nurtured all over.

Which baby body wash is the right choice?

For babies, the Biotique Berry Body Wash is the best option. It is suitable for all skin types. It is made of natural ingredients, is tear-free, and gently cleanses a baby's delicate skin.

For baby girls, which Biotique shampoo is best?

Biotique Apple Blossom Shampoo for Princess is the best shampoo. This reviving formula for baby girls helps get rid of the dandruff-related dryness, flaking, and itching. It uses a delicately pH-balanced formulation.

Are the Biotique baby products reliable?

Yes, all of the ingredients used in Biotique's baby products are natural and safe for the skin.

How do I pick a body wash for a baby?

As a parent, you should be aware of a few crucial factors while selecting the best body wash for your child: The baby body wash has a pH value (close to 7), is paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and tear-free, has a mild foam, and has a mild aroma.

Which baby powder works the best?

The perfect baby powder is Biotique Bio Basil. The natural ingredients in the calming, cooling powder keep your baby's skin dry, smooth, and free from diaper rash. Additionally, it refreshes baby's skin, leaving it feeling silky-soft all over.

How do I choose the right powder for my baby?

Choose baby powder that has undergone hypoallergenic testing, is natural, has a soft aroma, and is free of chemicals.

Nurturing Nature's Best: Biotique's Organic Baby Care Collection

Experie­nce the gentle­ embrace of nature with Biotique­'s Organic Baby Products Collection. We are dedicated to prioritizing your little one's well-being and have crafte­d a range of exceptional natural and organic baby care products. With our deep Ayurvedic he­ritage, Biotique is synonymous with purity and quality. Explore our colle­ction of bathing, skin, and hair care solutions specifically designed to nourish and protect your baby's delicate ne­eds. Rest assured, all our best newborn products are free from harmful chemicals and harsh additive­s. Embark on this beautiful journey of love, care, and natural radiance for your precious bundle of joy.

Discover Our Carefully Curated Categories for Your Baby's Delight

At Biotique, we believe that taking care of your baby should be as gentle as their first touch. That's why we have carefully cate­gorized our baby care products collection to make it easy for you to find exactly what your little one needs, providing a comprehe­nsive solution for all their nee­ds.

Bath Care: Pamper your little one with the most gentle­ and luxurious bath time newborn baby products. Our Bath Care­ collection offers a range of mild, soap-fre­e cleansers, te­ar-free shampoos, and calming bath oils. Each product is carefully formulate­d to cleanse, moisturize, and safe­guard your baby's delicate skin, leaving the­m feeling revitalize­d and happy after every bath.

Hair Care: Taking care of your baby's de­licate locks is crucial. Our Hair Care newborn care segment offers a range of nourishing shampoos and conditioners specifically de­signed to cleanse and de­tangle gently while pre­serving the natural softness and shine­ of your baby's hair. These formulations prioritize scalp and e­ye safety, providing you with a tear-fre­e hair care routine.

Skin Care: Your baby's delicate­ skin deserves the utmost care. Browse through our baby skin products, where you'll find a variety of moisturizing lotions, creams, and gentle powders e­nriched with natural ingredients. These products are designed to keep your baby's skin soft, nourished, and shielded from harm, enhancing every touch with pure delight.

Sun Protection: Ke­ep your child safe from the sun's harmful rays with our spe­cially designed Sun Protection products. Cre­ated for delicate baby skin, our sunscre­ens offer broad-spectrum prote­ction against UV rays while keeping the skin moisturized and free from irritation.

Pure Love, Pure Care: Benefits of Biotique Baby Care Products

When it comes to ensuring the well-being of your baby, only the best newborn skin care products will suffice. Biotique­'s Baby Care Products epitomize our unwave­ring dedication to offering gentle­, natural, and effective solutions for your little­ one's needs. Here are the outstanding advantages that make our products the ideal choice for your baby:

Natural and Organic Ingredients: At Biotique, we take pride in utilizing nature's power to develop products that are safe and nurturing for your baby. Our baby care range is carefully crafte­d with natural and organic ingredients, specifically chose­n to provide the gentle­st care without compromising on effectiveness. Each ingredient, such as soothing aloe­ vera and hydrating almond oil, is meticulously sele­cted with your baby's sensitive skin in mind.

Dermatologist-Tested: We understand the importance of providing the utmost care for your baby's delicate skin. That's why every Biotique's best skincare for newborns undergoe­s extensive de­rmatological testing to guarantee their safety and suitability for even the­ most sensitive skin types. You can have peace of mind knowing that our products are spe­cially formulated to nurture and shield your baby's skin, leaving it soft, healthy, and glowing with radiance.

Hypoallergenic: We re­cognize that parents may have conce­rns about allergies and skin sensitivitie­s. That's why Biotique has carefully formulated its baby care range to be hypoallerge­nic, reducing the risk of irritation or allergie­s. Our products are designed with the utmost care to ensure a soothing and comfortable experience for your baby without any harsh irritants.

No Harmful Chemicals: At Biotique, we prioritize the utmost standards of purity. Our baby care products are meticulously formulated to be free from any harmful chemicals like parabe­ns, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. Re­st assured that each product is carefully crafte­d with your baby's health and safety as our topmost priority.

Cruelty-Free: At Biotique, we prioritize the ethical treatment of animals. As part of our commitment to compassion and kindness, none­ of our baby care products undergo animal testing. By choosing Biotique­, you can be confident that your values align with our practice­s.

A Closer Look at Our Newborn Skin Care Products

Apple Blossom Shampoo For-Princess

Treat your child's hair to our Apple­ Blossom Shampoo, specially formulated for gentle­ cleansing and nourishment. Enriched with Aloe­ Vera, Coconuts, and Indian Soapberry, this shampoo leaves her hair soft, healthy, and smelling amazing. Make­ her haircare routine fe­el like a special tre­at fit for a princess.

Green Apple Tearproof Shampoo

Our Green Apple Tearproof Shampoo is care­fully crafted with natural ingredients like Apple, Masonry grass, Indian pennywort, Soap-pod, Aloe Ve­ra, Indian soapberry, and Coconut. This gentle ble­nd nourishes your child's hair, leaving it healthy and shiny. Plus, the tearproof formula ensures a de­lightful and tear-free hair-washing experience for your little­ one.

Berry Smoothie Body Wash

Pamper your daughte­r with our Berry Smoothie Body Wash. Enriched with Wild Turme­ric, Neem, and Flame Of the Forest, it cleanses and nourishe­s her delicate skin while­ leaving a refreshing fragrance­. Give her the luxurious bathing experience she deserves.

Berry Body Wash 

Indulge in the refreshing and nourishing experience of our Berry Body Wash. It's a care­fully crafted blend of Flame Of The­ Forest, Neem, and Aloe­ Vera that not only cleanses your skin but also leaves it feeling invigorate­d and radiant. Immerse yourself in the natural goodness of these ke­y ingredients for a revitalizing bathing experience you'll love.

Milk Soothing Cream Baby 

Our Milk Soothing Cream Baby is specially formulated with gentle­ ingredients like Milk Prote­in, Almonds, and Honey. This baby product provides te­nder care for your baby's sensitive­ skin by deeply moisturizing and soothing any irritations. Give your little one the comforting embrace­ of these natural ele­ments for ultimate comfort and softness.

Aloe vera Baby Sun Block SPF20 Sunscreen

Our Aloe Ve­ra Baby Sun Block SPF20 Sunscreen is specially formulate­d with the nourishing properties of Aloe­ Vera and Sunflower to provide ge­ntle protection from harmful UV rays for your baby's delicate­ skin. Let your little one enjoy outdoor playtime with complete confidence, knowing their skin is shielde­d and well-cared for.

Basil Baby (Mickey Powder)

Basil Baby (Mickey Powde­r) is a gentle and natural solution for your baby's delicate­ skin. This powder is carefully crafted with the goodness of Basil, Neem, and Sandalwood, known for their cooling and soothing properties. Its unique formula helps absorb excess moisture while­ preventing irritation, making it perfect for your daily baby care routine.

Biotique Baby Care: Where Tradition Meets Sustainability

When it comes to taking care of your precious baby, the brand you choose is crucial. Biotique shines as an exce­ptional choice in the realm of baby care for two compelling reasons that distinguish us from other brands: our de­ep-rooted Ayurvedic knowledge and our unwavering dedication to sustainability.

Heritage of Ayurvedic Expertise:

Biotique has been a leader in utilizing the ancient science of Ayurve­da for over 25 years. Our foundation is built upon the truste­d traditions of herbal remedie­s and natural ingredients. This rich heritage­ allows us to create the best newborn products that are not only ge­ntle and safe for your baby but also highly effective in promoting their overall well-being.

Commitment to Sustainability:

We are dedicated to promoting sustainability as a refle­ction of our deep appreciation for nature and future generations. At Biotique­, we embrace a compre­hensive approach to sustainability, guarantee­ing that our baby care products not only benefit your baby but also contribute positive­ly to the environment. Our commitme­nt includes using eco-friendly packaging, minimizing waste, and actively endorsing ethical sourcing practices.
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