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Coffee Energizing body scrub 100gm

Coffee energizing body scrub 100gm

Energizing, Gently polishing, Smoothness and clarity


Step Up Your Body Care Game: Choose the Perfect Product for Your Skin

Just like your face, your body needs constant care and attention too. Most people are so busy taking care of their facial skin that they usually tend to ignore the skin below their neck. And as a result, your body’s skin looks dry, dull, and in immense need of nourishment. Therefore, taking care of your skin is very important. However, choose products made with natural and ayurvedic ingredients made by Biotique instead of ones loaded with chemicals. Just like a face care routine, you should follow a body care routine too, but it doesn’t need to be extensive. Here is a simple and easy body care routine that you can follow with Biotique’s best ayurvedic products online.

Refresh your body with the best body care routine

Follow this simple and easy body care routine to get smooth, soft, healthy, and nourished skin:


You should definitely treat your body with a body massage oil. You must have heard about the benefits of massaging the body with oil from your parents and grandparents. It was a must in India in ancient times to massage the body with body oils, as it improves blood circulation, heals the skin, makes your skin glow, aids in healthy sleep, and also improves digestion and metabolism. Daily massage with body oil should be followed by exfoliation (weekly) and cleansing. One great choice is Citron stimulating body massage oil by Biotique.


Exfoliation helps you to get rid of those dead skin cells and dirt and also makes your skin soft and smooth. Exfoliating two to three times a week is more than enough and should be a part of your weekly body care routine. Apply body scrub to wet and clean skin while you are in the shower and massage in circular motions. While exfoliating, avoid areas that are too sensitive. A coffee body scrub such as coffee energizing body scrub by Biotique is a great choice as it makes you feel refreshed and energized and also makes you naturally glow. Exfoliation also helps to get rid of any ingrown hair and is a must if shaving is a part of your routine.


Soaping up, whether first thing in the morning or before going to bed, should be an essential step in your body care routine. You can choose to cleanse either with a bathing bar, body wash, or a shower gel. You should look for a gentle cleanser with a hydrating formula that deeply cleanses your skin without ripping it off. The market, either online or offline, is filled with body cleansers that are loaded with synthetic chemicals, sulfates, fragrances, parabens, dyes, etc., that are very harsh on your skin. That is why choosing Biotique’s cleansers is a smart choice, as they are ayurvedic, affordable, cruelty-free, and chemical free. Basil and parsley revitalizing body wash by Biotique is a great choice to start your day with.


Cleansing should be followed by moisturizing to seal in all the moisture and prevent it from drying. You can choose a body lotion according to your skin care needs. Like if you have dry skin, you might want to look for a body lotion that is thick and seals in moisture, such as Creamy coconut deep nourish body lotion by Biotique. If you have oily skin, you might want to look for a body lotion that is gel or water-based and not too heavy to seal in the moisture without that greasy feeling.

Shop Smarter: Insider Tips for Choosing the Best Body Care Products

  • Choose the body care products according to your skin type, whether you have dry skin, extra dry skin, dehydrated skin, and all skin types.
  • Check the whole ingredient list of the product before buying. Avoid products that have long ingredient lists, as they are more likely to be loaded with chemicals, parabens, sulfates, etc. Choose ayurvedic products that contain few ingredients from Biotique.
  • Do a patch test before buying any product to check if that product suits your skin or not.

Biotique’s best ayurvedic products online for naturally glowing skin

Body oils Avocado Stress Relief Body Massage Oil

Infused with the magical properties of avocado, neem, almond, sesame seed, camphor, mustard, and sunflower oils, this ayurvedic body care oil helps to relieve all the tension and body fatigue. This is one of the best ayurvedic products in India as it gives you relief from all the stress, fatigue, and tension and also provides nourishment to your skin.

Carrot Seed Anti-Aging After-Bath Body Oil

This body oil for body care online removes wrinkles and dry lines and keeps your skin smooth, supple, and soft. The key ingredients of this body oil are carrot, walnut, almond, groundnut, and mustard oils, which make your skin look younger, lustrous, and smooth.

Body scrubs
Coffee Energizing Body Scrub

Infused with coffee, this body scrub gently polishes the skin to give you smooth and clear skin. This gentle body scrub removes all the dirt, discolorations, and dead skin cells, makes you feel energized and is available at the Biotique ayurvedic shop online.

Bathing bars
Basil & Parsley Revitalizing Bathing Bar

Enriched with the goodness of basil, coconut, and neem, this ayurvedic body care deeply cleanses the skin while revitalizing it and providing nourishment.

Morning Nectar Moisturizing Cream Bathing Bar

This ayurvedic product online nourishes and moisturizes the skin while deeply cleansing it without disturbing the skin’s natural pH balance. It gives you visibly flawless skin and is infused with nectar, coconuts, and almonds.

Shower gels & body washes
Roses N’roses Glow Shower Gel

The key ingredients of this shower gel are rose and rose buds, which brighten and deeply cleanse your skin. Made from ingredients of natural origin, this body care online makes your skin look youthful, smooth, glowing, and bright.

Basil & Parsley Revitalizing Body Wash

This is one of the best ayurvedic products in India as it contains basil, castor, coconut, neem, peppermint, and Indian soapnut, which deeply cleanses the skin without nourishing its natural pH balance, and also nourishes the skin.

Body lotions
Winter Cherry Rejuvenating Body Lotion

Enriched with the properties of ashwagandha root, sesame seed oil, olive oil, and almond oil, this body care product moisturizes and nourishes the skin while rejuvenating it.

Gotu Kola Smooth Skin Body Lotion

Infused with the goodness of gotu kola, wild turmeric, and ashwagandha, this body lotion brightens your skin and makes it radiant while also moisturizing it. This body lotion is easily available at Biotique’s ayurvedic shop online.

Body powder
Basil & Sandalwood Refreshing Body Powder

Enriched with basil, neem, and sandalwood, this body powder refreshes and softens the skin, blocks body odor, absorbs wetness, and makes you feel like a breath of fresh air. Biotique has a variety of ayurvedic products for every skin condition and skin type, making our website a one-stop shop for the greatest body care items available online. If you are looking for body care near me, Biotique is a perfect choice, as they deliver products to your doorstep so that you can treat your skin without any hassle and worry.

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