Winter Essentials

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Papaya Deep Cleanse Face Wash

Papaya deep cleanse face wash

Helps in de tans, Cleanse pores, Brightens Complexion

OCEAN KELP Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Ocean kelp anti hair fall shampoo

Anti Hair fall, Intensive hair growth, Healthier shine

Biotique Herbcolor

Biotique herbcolor

100% grey cover, Natural and healthy shine, Helps in silken hair

Soya Protein Intense Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

Soya protein intense repair shampoo & conditioner

Intense repair, Repairs Dry and damaged hair, Promotes Healthy shine

APRICOT Refreshing Body Wash

Apricot refreshing body wash

Softens skin, Gives Refreshing skin, Natural brightness

Walnut Volume & Bounce Shampoo and Conditioner

Walnut volume & bounce shampoo and conditioner

Prevents hair loss, Revives Hair, Volume & Bounce Hair

PAPAYA Tan Removal Brightening & Revitalizing Face Scrub

Papaya tan removal brightening & revitalizing face scrub

Tan removal, Brightening, Revitalizing

Fruit Brightening Face Wash

Fruit brightening face wash

Brightens skin, Soften skin, Dissolve makeup and impurities

FRUIT Brightening Depigmentation & Tan Removal Face Pack

Fruit brightening depigmentation & tan removal face pack

Tan removal, Depigmentation, Youthful tone and texture

MORNING NECTAR Moisturize & Nourish Face Wash

Morning nectar moisturize & nourish face wash

Helps in moisturizing skin, Gives Nourishment to skin, Gives brightening skin

Mountain Ebony Anti Hair Fall Hair Serum 120ml

Mountain ebony anti hair fall hair serum 120ml

Promotes Healthy Scalp, Control hair fall, Gives shine to hair

ALMOND OIL Ultra Rich Body Wash 200ml

Almond oil ultra rich body wash 200ml

Clears out clogged pores, Reduces dark spots, Promotes even skin tone

Honey Gel Soothe & Nourish Foaming Face Wash

Honey gel soothe & nourish foaming face wash

Soothen skin, Soften skin, Gives Nourishment to skin

Magikisses Lip Balm

Magikisses lip balm

Gives Nourishment to skin, Soothes the texture of lips, Gives even texture

Biotique Fruit Brightening Lip Balm 12g

Biotique fruit brightening lip balm 12g

Brightening, Lightening, Even outs lip tones

Fresh Henna Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner

Fresh henna colour protect shampoo & conditioner

Color Protection, Cleanse and Conditions Hair, Leaves Hair Soft & Smooth


Thrive in Winter: Biotique's Ayurvedic Secrets for Seasonal Skincare and Haircare

Winter's brisk arrival often brings a flurry of challenges for our skin and hair. The cold, dry air can be unforgiving, extracting moisture and leaving behind a trail of dryness and discomfort. In this season, the need for specialised care becomes essential, transcending beyond the realms of everyday beauty routines. Here, Biotique emerges as a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the harshness of winter.

Biotique stands at the forefront of blending the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda with the advancements of modern science. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to natural and organic ingredients, Biotique has carved a niche in the realm of holistic wellness and beauty care. Each product under its banner echoes the brand's philosophy of being in harmony with nature, offering solutions that are both gentle and effective for skin and hair care.

The Winter Essentials Collection by Biotique is a testament to the brand's dedication to combat the adversities of the cold season. It features a range of products, from deeply hydrating moisturisers for the winter season that revitalise parched skin to hair care solutions that counteract the dryness and frizz typical of winter. This specially curated winter care products collection is designed to cater to every aspect of winter skincare and haircare, ensuring that you not only endure but also enjoy the winter months with radiant skin and lustrous hair.

Braving the Chill: Why Winter Care is Essential for Skin and Hair Health

The serene beauty of winter often masks the underlying challenges it poses for our skin and hair. As temperatures drop, so does the humidity level, leading to a harsh environment that can strip away the skin's natural moisture barrier. This results in common winter woes such as dry, flaky skin and chapped lips. Similarly, hair suffers, losing its moisture to the dry air, becoming brittle, and prone to breakage.

The skin, being the largest organ of the body, acts as a first line of defence against environmental elements. In winter, this protective layer is continuously exposed to cold winds and indoor heating, both of which contribute to moisture loss. The result is not just dry skin but often an exacerbation of skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Chapped lips are another frequent complaint, as the delicate skin on the lips is especially vulnerable to cracking and peeling due to cold, dry conditions.

Hair, too, tells a tale of winter's harshness. The lack of humidity and indoor heating can lead to a dry scalp, dandruff, and an increase in static electricity, making hair management a daunting task. Additionally, hot showers, often more frequent in winter for comfort, can further strip hair of its natural oils, leading to increased dryness and frizziness.

This seasonal shift underscores the necessity of a dedicated winter care regimen. Products specifically designed for winter are infused with ingredients that not only replenish lost moisture but also create a protective barrier to guard against the cold and dry air. These specialised products go beyond mere hydration; they are formulated to nourish, repair, and protect both skin and hair during these challenging months.

Emphasising deeper hydration, these winter care products typically contain richer, more emollient ingredients. For skin, look for products with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and natural oils, and for hair, those with nourishing oils and butter. This targeted approach ensures that your skin and hair are not just surviving the winter months but thriving, maintaining their health and beauty despite the season's harshness.

Biotique's Exquisite Collection for Radiant Skin and Lustrous Hair

Winter calls for a special beauty arsenal, and Biotique's Winter Essentials Collection, including a winter cream for dry skin and a face wash for dry skin in winter,  offers a holistic approach to combat the season's challenges. Let's dive into the range of products, each crafted to nourish, protect, and rejuvenate your skin and hair during these colder months.

1) Winter care for face:

  • Face Wash: Designed to cleanse without stripping away moisture, our winter face wash for oily skin and the best face wash for men in winter are enriched with ingredients like honey and neem that gently purify while maintaining the skin's natural hydration.
  • Scrub: Our scrubs, with natural exfoliants like walnut and Papaya, gently remove dead skin cells, promoting a healthier, more radiant complexion even in the coldest weather.
  • Face Toner: Essential for restoring pH balance, our toners, including cucumber and rose water variants, hydrate and soothe winter-stressed skin.
  • Moisturisers: Rich in nutrients, our winter face creams and winter moisturiser creams contain herbal extracts and essential oils to deeply hydrate and protect the skin from harsh winter conditions.
  • Face Pack: Offering deep nourishment, winter face packs with milk protein, pistachio, and fruit extracts replenish moisture and revitalise the skin.
  • Facial Kit: A comprehensive and best facial kit for winter that provides a complete facial treatment at home, perfect for maintaining glowing skin during winter.

2) Body Care

  • Body Wash and Shower Gel: Infused with natural ingredients, these winter body wash cleans without drying, leaving skin soft and moisturised.
  • Body Lotion: Our body lotion for winter acts as a long-lasting moisturiser for winter and protects against the drying effects of winter.
  • Body Massage Oils: Rich in nourishing oils, they deeply moisturise and keep the skin supple while providing a therapeutic experience.

3) Hair Care

  • Shampoos & Conditioners: Tailored for winter, these products hydrate, nourish, and repair damage caused by dryness.
  • Hair Mask: A deep conditioning treatment that restores moisture and vitality to the hair.
  • Hair Oil & Serums: Enriched with natural oils, Biotique's serum and the best hair oil for winter provide intense nourishment to the scalp and hair, strengthening them against the winter cold.

4) Lip Care

  • Lip Balms: Our lip balms for winter, enriched with herbal ingredients, soothe chapped lips and provide lasting moisture.

5) Perfume

  • Perfumes: A selection of fragrances to uplift the mood and add a touch of warmth to the winter days.

Seasonal Splendor: Exploring the Intricacies of Biotique's Bestseller Winter Care Line

1) Papaya Deep Cleanse Face Wash:

Biotique's Papaya Deep Cleanse Face Wash is an invigorating blend of natural ingredients designed for gentle yet effective cleansing. Infused with the goodness of Papaya, known for its exfoliating properties, this face wash helps remove impurities and dead skin cells, revealing a fresh and radiant complexion. Suitable for all skin types, it maintains the skin's natural pH balance while providing a deep cleanse, making it a perfect addition to your daily skincare routine.

2) Papaya Tan Removal Brightening & Revitalizing Face Scrub:

Biotique's Papaya Tan Removal Brightening & Revitalizing Face Scrub is a unique formulation that combines the natural exfoliating properties of Papaya with the goal of reducing tan and brightening the complexion. Its gentle scrubbing action effectively removes dead skin cells, impurities, and excess oils, revealing a revitalised and radiant skin tone. Regular use of this scrub can help diminish tan and revitalise the skin, making it an ideal addition to your skincare regime.

3) Fruit Brightening Depigmentation & Tan Removal Face Pack:

Biotique's Fruit Brightening Depigmentation & Tan Removal Face Pack is an expertly crafted blend of fruit extracts, targeting skin depigmentation and tan removal. Enriched with the natural goodness of fruits, this best face pack for dry skin in winter works effectively to lighten pigmentation and even out skin tone. Its nourishing formula rejuvenates the skin, imparting a healthy, radiant glow. Regular use helps in reducing tan and dark spots, making it essential for luminous, clear skin.

4) Quince Seed Anti-Ageing Face Massage Cream:

Biotique's Quince Seed Anti-Ageing Face Massage Cream is the best cold cream for the face in winter, offering unmatched nourishment and protection. Infused with quince seed, sunflower, and safflower, it deeply moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. This cream not only combats the harsh effects of winter but also leaves your skin with a radiant glow, making it the best cream for glowing skin in winter.

5) Winter Green Acne Control Spot Correction Cream:

Biotique's Winter Green Acne Control Spot Correction Cream, enriched with Winter Green, Indian Berberry, and Neem, is the ideal winter face cream for oily skin. It effectively targets and corrects acne spots while maintaining the skin's natural balance, making it a must-have solution for those with oily skin facing winter acne concerns. Say goodbye to winter skin troubles and hello to a clearer, confident complexion.

6) Almond Oil Ultra Rich Body Wash:

Biotique's Almond Oil Ultra Rich Body Wash is a luxurious blend that combines the deep nourishment of Almond Oil with a gentle cleansing formula. Ideal for daily use, it deeply moisturises the skin, leaving it soft and supple. The rich lather washes away impurities while preserving the skin's natural oils, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a hydrating and rejuvenating shower experience, especially in the drying winter months.

7) Carrot Seed Anti-Ageing After-Bath Body Oil:

Biotique's Carrot Seed Anti-Ageing After-Bath Body Oil, in a convenient 120ml size, is a rejuvenating blend of carrot, almonds, and walnut bark. This potent body oil for winter provides deep nourishment, helps reduce signs of ageing, and leaves the skin glowing and supple. Ideal for post-bath application, it ensures lasting hydration and revitalisation.

8) Ocean Kelp Anti Hair Fall Shampoo:

Biotique's Ocean Kelp Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is a fortifying formula designed to combat hair fall and promote hair health. Enriched with the natural benefits of ocean kelp, known for its rich nutrient content, this shampoo strengthens hair from the roots, reducing hair fall effectively. It cleanses the scalp and hair gently, leaving hair feeling refreshed and revitalised. Regular use can lead to thicker, fuller-looking hair, making it ideal for those facing hair thinning concerns. 

9)Pineapple Oil Control Foaming Face Wash:

Biotique's Pineapple Oil Control Foaming Face Wash is a refreshing blend of natural ingredients like Pineapple, Wild Turmeric, and Neem Leaves. This foaming face wash for combination and oily skin in winter gently cleanses and controls excess oil, leaving your skin feeling fresh and revitalized. The unique formulation ensures a thorough cleanse while maintaining the skin's natural balance, making it the perfect choice for oily skin, especially during the winter season.

10) Fruit Whitening Lip Balm:

Biotique's Fruit Whitening Lip Balm, enriched with natural extracts of fruits, grapes, and almonds, offers a hydrating solution for darkened lips. Its nourishing blend lightens and smoothens, leaving lips softer, plumper, and naturally vibrant.

Winter Wrap-Up: Sealing the Season with Natural Care

As winter winds down, Biotique's Winter Wrap-Up ensures your skin and hair continue to thrive with its natural care. This conclusive phase of your winter regimen seals in the nourishment and protection your skin and hair have received. It's a reminder that even as seasons change, the essence of nature's healing and rejuvenating power remains constant. Embrace this transition with Biotique's holistic approach to beauty, keeping you naturally radiant year-round.
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