Summer Facial Kits

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DIAMOND Instant Bright & Radiant Complexion Facial Kit (5x10g + 15g)

Diamond instant bright & radiant complexion facial kit (5x10g + 15g)

Instant Brighten complexion, Radiance, Gives Nourishment to skin


Gold radiance young skin facial kit 5x10g+15g

Radiant and young skin, Sparkle complexion, Gives Nourishment to skin

TAN REMOVAL Clear Young Skin Facial Kit (5x10g + 15g)

Tan removal clear young skin facial kit (5x10g + 15g)

PEARL WHITE Flawless Glowing Skin Facial Kit (5x10g + 15g)

Pearl white flawless glowing skin facial kit (5x10g + 15g)

Flawless skin, Tightens pores, Pigmentation control

PARTY READY Instant Glow FACIAL KIT 5x10g+15g

Party ready instant glow facial kit 5x10g+15g

Instant glow, Brightening, Gives Nourishment to skin

SILVER FACIAL KIT 5x10g+15g(silver kit)

Silver facial kit 5x10g+15g(silver kit)

Promotes even skin tone, Gives youthful glow, Deeply cleanse


Biotique Helps

Your Questions, Answered.
What are the key benefits of using a summer facial kit?

Biotique summer facial kits offer a comprehensive approach to summer skincare, helping to cleanse, hydrate, and protect the skin from environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution. They also help to maintain a healthy, radiant complexion throughout the season. Best to use it a day before any fuction.

Are Biotique summer facial kits suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our biotique summer facial kits are designed to cater to different skin types, including oily, dry, combination, and sensitive skin.

How often should I use Biotique summer facial kits?

We recommend using biotique summer facial kits once or twice a week for best results, depending on your skin's needs and sensitivity.

Can Biotique summer facial kits help with summer acne?

Yes, some of the biotique summer facial kits contain ingredients known for their acne-fighting properties, helping to prevent breakouts and keep your skin clear.

How should I use Biotique summer facial kits?

Using biotique summer facial kit is very easy. Start with cleansing, followed by exfoliation, then apply masks or treatments as directed, and finish with moisturizing.

Can Biotique summer facial kits help to minimize the appearance of pores?

Yes, biotique summer facial kits include products that help remove debris, unclog pores, and refine skin texture, resulting in a smoother complexion and minimized appearance of pores. Get radiant and supple skin in few minutes.

Let your skin rediscover itself with Biotique Facial kits

A refreshing facial kit can transform your face and completely change your look. Biotique facial kits are complete on their own and are great for some summer self-pampering. A summer facial kit helps refresh the skin and targets the skin concerns that you usually face in summer. The best facial kit for summer controls oil and also gives you a cooling effect. It is very important to take complete care of your skin in the summer and use the best facial kit for glowing skin in summer. 

What is inside a facial kit?

Facial kits from Biotique come in different skin types. Facial kit for dry skin in summer is extra hydrating and moisturising. On the other hand, the summer facial kit for oily skin is more focused on oil control and pimple-clearing properties. Moreover, the best facial kit for the summer season gives your skin an inherent glow and clear skin. Here is what is inside a Biotique skin facial kit. 


You will have a gentle cleanser inside the facial kit, which cleans your face and keeps it fresh for all the next steps. A gentle cleanser that removes dirt and oil from the face is a necessary one in the best facial kit for the summer season. The facial kit for the summer season has a cleanser that prepares the face for the next steps. 


The scrub or exfoliator that you use in the facial kit is an important step, and it is used to exfoliate the skin from dead cells. Dead skin cells are always on the face, and you need regular exfoliation. The exfoliator is usually a physical exfoliator, and it is used to scrub the dead skin away so your skin is soft and smooth, ready to be treated with the other products in the best facial kit for dry skin in summer. 

Face pack or mask

A face mask is usually the next step after a face pack or mask. The face mask in a summer's best facial kit is a nourishing formula that protects your face from problems and dullness. A face pack for summer from Biotique is packed with soothing and calming natural ingredients so that the skin remains clear and glowing for the entire summer. A facial kit for oily skin in summer usually has a clay-based face mask that takes away the oil and slowly refreshes the skin. The best facial kit for combination skin in summer usually has oil control and moisturising properties in a creamy pack formula. 


After the face mask is removed and the face is cleaned, the toner in the facial kit for summer is applied. The best facial kit for summer has a refreshing and cooling toner that also shrinks the pores. The toner seals in the moisture and nutrients from the face pack and gives you hydrated skin. The best facial kit for normal skin in summer can nurture the skin and reduce sweating and oil clogging. Toner is a crucial step in a facial kit. 


A small facial kit for women in summer has a serum in it which boosts moisture and supports skin health. The type of serum depends on the type of summer season facial kit you have picked from Biotique. For example, summer's best facial kit for oily skin will have an oil-control serum inside it. The oil control serum will treat excess sebum production and clogged pores. Summer special facial kits will have a lightweight, fast-absorbing serum that might have a gel-like consistency for that extra dose of hydration. A summer facial kit for glowing skin will have a serum that targets dullness and dark spots. 


Summer me best facial kit will have a good moisturiser because, whatever the season, moisturising is important for the skin. To restore the moisture balance and seal in the serum, you need to apply a cooling moisturiser. Summer facial kits for dry skin should have a hydrating creamy moisturiser that treats dry patches on the skin. The best facial kit for sensitive skin in summer should have a gel moisturiser which gets easily absorbed into the skin. Sensitive skin needs soothing and calming formulas that do not irritate the skin. Aloe vera-based facial kits are great for sensitive skin. 


In the summer, it is a sin to skip sunscreen. Therefore, our best facial kit for summer has good sunscreen, which you can apply when all other steps of the facial kit are over. This protects the skin from sun rays and harsh weather. 

Glow like gold with our Biotique Gold Radiance Facial Kit

The Biotique Gold Radiance Facial Kit has five steps, and it is best for special occasions or a ritual of self-care. If you want the glow of gold in a facial form, you can get it from our Gold Radiance Facial kit. It is a gold scrub that has tiny gold particles and cleansing margosa extracts that thoroughly cleanse your skin. 

It also has a gold peel-off mask that deeply cleanses and removes dullness. The facial kit also has gold gel, which has gold leaf and turmeric for extra radiance on the face. The gel is for massaging into clean, exfoliated skin. It also has gold serum and gold cream that seal in the nourishment and glow into the skin. 

Kick the tan to the curb with the Anti Tan Facial Kit from Biotique

The Biotique Fruit Anti Tan Facial Kit has five steps and is best for tan removal after a long summer week. The facial kit has a honey gel cleanser that soothes and nourishes the skin. It has papaya scrub that takes away dirt and stubborn tan. The morning nectar lotion in this kit has the goodness of real honey, which adds softness to the skin. The fruit face pack in this kit reduces melanin and brightens skin. The facial kit also has dandelion serum, which boosts the glow of the skin with rare natural extracts. 

What are the benefits of Biotique Facial kits?

Biotique facial kits have multiple benefits, such as:

  • Being affordable- The Biotique facial kit is value for money as it gives you a salon-like glow at a low price and at home. 

  • Targets multiple problems- One facial kit from Biotique targets multiple skin problems and gives you a healthy glow. 

  • Pampers the skin- A weekly facial kit routine can pamper your skin and your senses.  

Get your hands on our amazing Biotique facial kits

Apply our facial kits step by step and reveal your summer glow. Give your skin that extra nourishment it needs in the summer months with our complete facial kits for summer. 

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