Pack of 2 Imperial Patchouli perfume
Pack of 2 Imperial Patchouli perfume

Pack of 2 imperial patchouli perfume

This combo includes:


Key Ingredients :

Oils of water lily, patchouli, orris

Benefit :

Feelings of joy, confidence, and a sense of well being

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MRP: ₹3,000 Incl. of all taxes

100% Natural Botanical


Chemical Free


Cruelty Free


Dermatologically Tested


Recyclable Packaging

MRP: ₹3,000 Incl. of all taxes

Imperial Patchouli a refined, gentle and floral fragrance with feminine scent. It possesses a blend of modern floral, and balanced notes It is recommended for eveningwear. The fragrance of this long lasting perfume is a perfect blend of the woody and the floral aromas.

  • PATCHOULI: It remarkably calms emotions and elevates the mood with exquisite refinement and sensual aroma. It is a truly enchanting fragrance for a romantic evening.
  • WATER LILY: It brings fresh and serene notes that evoke calmness and tranquillity. The soothing and uplifting ethereal aroma of water lilies uplifts the mood.
  • ORRIS: Orris infuses the fragrance with refined luxury and sophistication, adding depth, a romantic allure, and a touch of femininity while preserving its desired aroma.

Spray on marma pluse points.

A combination of the 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda and 21st-century biotechnology. A dream that has today become a global reality.

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Biotique Helps

Your questions, answered.
What is Biotique Eau De Parfum?

Biotique Eau De Parfum provide a long-lasting, refreshing scent.

What are the benefits of Biotique Eau De Parfum?

Benefits of using Biotique Eau De Parfum include feeling more confident and refreshed, as well as enjoying a pleasing scent that lasts for hours.

How should I apply Biotique Eau De Parfum?

To apply Biotique IBiotique Eau De Parfum, simply spray a small amount onto your pulse points, such as your wrists, neck, and behind your ears.

Is Biotique Eau De Parfum an organic product?

Biotique Eau De Parfum is made with natural, organic ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals.

What is the price of Biotique Eau De Parfum?

The price of Biotique Eau De Parfum is Rs. 1500 for a 50ml bottle.



36 Months


Bio Veda Farmacy Private Limited Khasra No. 439/42,441/43,526/442/43 Mauja-Rampur Ghat, Paonta Sahib Himachal Pradesh India-173025


Bio Veda Farmacy Private Limited Khasra No. 439/42,441/43,526/442/43 Mauja-Rampur Ghat, Paonta Sahib Himachal Pradesh India-173025