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At Biotique, our mission is to personify the finest qualities of Indian traditional medicine,advanced by modern science,to satisfy the diverse beauty needs of customers and cultures throughout the world. We consider ourselves as biological organization, dedicated to bringing about positive effects through responsible products and business practices.

We give priority to excellence, innovation, determination and an entrepreneurial spirit that makes dreams and possibilities come true.For more than 20 years, Biotique has built a legacy of beauty authority 4 guiding principles.

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    Biotique enjoys a worldwide reputation for the frequency and originality of its Ayurveda product innovations, as well as for product performance, safety and environmentally-friendly policies. We maintain exacting quality standards in all areas of business management methods, research and development, production, store locations, merchandising strategy and so muchmore. It is our goal that everyoneand everything that touches Biotique, changes it for the better.

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    We strive to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the world’s most advanced Ayurveda products. Biotiqueis dedicated to innovate with genuine authority and technological advances, based on a legacy of learning, and extensive and ongoing investment in research- without resorting to animal experiments or testing. In the development of our products, we favor the use of renewable raw materials, and the design of eco-positive packaging and processes.

    Most of all, we encourage our people tobe creative, to come up with progressive ideas and inspiring actions that will move the company, and their careers, forward.

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    Everyone has dreams but, in order to turn dreams into reality, it takes determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort. We believe that passionate determination, drive and persistence can accomplish almost anything. That’s why we encourage “going that extra mile” with the extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach successfully. As a result, Biotique continues to develop new concepts in holistic beauty which have not only trade marked our products and delighted our customers, but have attracted and empowered the best creative talent in the industry, eager to grow our dreams, with theirs.

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    Entrepreneurial Spirit

    From curiosity and positivity to leadership and ambition, Biotique encourages and supports individual initiatives in pursuit of higher goals that offer healthy and dynamic choices for living life in balance with us, our customers, and the Earth. Respect forthe individual is a fundamental principle of Biotique. We value difference, which is why each associate at whatever level of responsibility is judged on competence and quality, appraised objectively in relation to the company’s needs.

    We also consider training and development programs a vital part in the growth of each employee’s entrepreneurial skills and potential. Because, when all is said and done, it is the talent, professionalism,enthusiasm and loyalty of our associates that ensure the continued prosperity of the Biotique Group.

To be the best we can be, and to constantly strive to be better, together—that is the vision of integrity on which Biotique was built in 1992, and the fuel that will keep Biotique on the cutting edge for generations to come.
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