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Bhringraj Anti Hair fall therapeutic Hair oil

Bhringraj anti hair fall therapeutic hair oil

Anti hair fall, Hair regrowth, Prevent Greying of hair

Argan oil from morocco Non Sticky Hair oil 200ml

Argan oil from morocco non sticky hair oil 200ml

Hair regrowth,Boosts healthy growth and shine,Strengthens & protects hair follicles

Onion Black seed Hair oil 200ml

Onion black seed hair oil 200ml

Silky and strong hair, Reduces hair fall & breakage, Boosts healthy growth and shine.

Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil For Falling Hair

Bio bhringraj therapeutic oil for falling hair

Anti hair fall, Hair regrowth, Prevent Greying of hair


Get beautiful and lustrous hair with Biotique's ayurvedic hair treatment products.

Having good and healthy-looking hair is very important as it boosts your confidence, makes you look effortlessly beautiful, and also makes your hair more manageable. It is essential to have a good haircare routine that includes the best ayurvedic hair treatment products that hydrate and nourish your hair. Our healthy hair products are made with an ayurvedic blend of plants, herbs, and essential oils, which combine to give you strengthened, nourished, and beautiful hair. The first step to selecting the best hair treatment products is to know your hair type, your hair concerns, and the hair goals you want to achieve.

Healthy Hair, Happy You: How to Choose the Best Hair Products

Knowing your hair type, the issue you're attempting to tackle, and your end goal will help you choose the most appropriate treatment. By adhering to these guidelines, you may streamline your search for the best ayurvedic hair treatment products. Also, your hair will be healthier, glossy, shining, and manageable.

Your hair type

There are four most common types of hair: straight, curly, coiled, and wavy. These hair types are easily differentiable on the basis of their appearance. Coiled hair is the hardest, and straight hair is the easiest to maintain and style.

One more thing that you need to consider is what is the texture of your hair. The texture of the hair can be determined by the width or diameter of the hair. It means how thick or thin the individual strand of hair is and is divided into three categories: thick, medium, and fine. The texture of the hair determines how well your hair can hold a style, with thick hair having the maximum holding limit and thin hair having the least.

You should also determine the porosity of your hair, whether it has low, medium, or high porosity. Highly porous hair easily absorbs as well as loses moisture and the product. Product penetration is the most difficult in low-porosity hair.

You should know whether you have an oily, dry, or normal scalp because they need different products for care and nourishment. A dry scalp needs deeply moisturizing products, while an oily scalp needs clarifying products to eliminate that greasy feeling.

Your hair concerns

It is very important to select products according to your hair concerns. Whether you want to tame the frizz or reduce the breakage or hair fall, we have a range of products for almost every hair concern that you might be facing.

Your hair goals

You should keep your hair goals in mind while selecting ayurvedic hair treatment products. Like whether you want more shiny and smooth hair, or you want to add length to your hair, reduce breakage and hair fall, or strengthen and repair them. And we have natural and ayurvedic hair care products for your every haircare need.

Check ingredient list

You should check the ingredient list of hair care products to ensure that they are free from parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, and synthetic chemicals to ensure the health of your hair. Our products are made from 100% botanical ingredients that are cruelty-free and chemical-free and come in recyclable packaging, which means that they are safe for you as well as the environment.

Get stronger and healthier hair with Biotique's best hair treatment products.

Hair oils

Bhringraj anti-hair fall therapeutic hair oil

Infused with the ayurvedic properties of bhringraj, Indian gooseberry, the flame of the forest flower, goat milk, cow milk, and licorice, this hair fall treatment oil promotes hair regrowth, prevents graying of hair and also reduces hair fall to a great extent. The intensive formula of this ayurvedic oil for hair fall treats alopecia and also encourages fresh hair growth.

Argan oil from Morocco, non-sticky hair oil

This nourishing and non-sticky hair oil is enriched with the goodness of argan oil which boosts the healthy shine and growth of hair. This hair oil for hair fall promotes hair regrowth and also protects and strengthens the hair follicles. This ayurvedic oil for hair fall effortlessly transforms your brittle, dry, and frizzy hair to silky and lustrous smoothness.


Ocean kelp anti-hair fall shampoo

Blended with the nourishing goodness of pure kelp, bhringraj plant extract, neem bark, Indian soapberry, the flame of the forest flower, and natural proteins, this biotique anti-hair fall shampoo gently cleanses your hair and invigorates the scalp for healthier shine and fresh growth.

Walnut volume & bounce shampoo

This hair fall treatment shampoo is infused with the goodness of walnut, amla fruit, walnut bark, and bhringraj, which prevents hair loss and revives the hair for that natural volume and bounce in hair. The pH-balanced formula of this biotique anti-hair fall shampoo prevents hair loss and provides you with a naturally lifted, fuller, and thicker look.

Onion black seed shampoo

Enriched with the goodness of onion black seed, this shampoo for hair fall gently cleans your scalp of all impurities because of its anti-fungal properties. This shampoo for healthy hair hydrates rough cuticles and gives you shiny, strong, refreshed, and strengthened hair.


Thyme volume & bounce conditioner

The key ingredients in this hair treatment product are thyme, soya protein, and sunflower, which provide natural volume and bounce to your hair. This hair treatment product also helps to thicken hair follicles, along with conditioning them for a silky and shiny look.

Shampoo + Conditioner

Green apple shine & gloss shampoo & conditioner

The refreshing formula of this conditioner and shampoo for healthy hair is blended with the goodness of pure green apple extract, hibiscus, bhringraj, Centella, and green algae, which nourishes your hair and also your scalp with natural proteins and minerals.

Fresh henna color protect shampoo & conditioner

Infused with the ayurvedic properties of henna, arjuna bark, and bhringraj, this biotique shampoo for hair fall prevents color from fading and gives you luxurious clean, and conditioned hair. This ayurvedic shampoo for hair fall also contains licorice bark, and calendula, which makes your hair soft, smooth, and shiny.

Hair serum

Mountain ebony anti-hair fall hair serum

Infused with the magical properties of mountain ebony, glycyrrhizin, long pepper, and euphorbia tree, this ayurvedic hair treatment has stimulating and healing properties. It makes the scalp feel exhilarated, toned, and free from dryness and irritation and stimulates hair growth from root to tip.

Hair mask

Onion black seed hair mask

This onion black hair mask deeply conditions your hair and replenishes all the nutrients and moisture that are lost due to pollution, color processing, and harsh weather. This healthy hair product also reduces hair fall, fights scalp build-up, and makes every strand of your hair look healthier and shinier.

Musk root repair & regeneration nourishing hair pack

'The key ingredients of this ayurvedic hair treatment are muskroot, bhringraj, bael, nutmeg, licorice, Indian gooseberry, Indian gum, and neem, which invigorate, repair, and rejuvenates the scalp, and also repairs each strand of your hair to promote thicker, longer, and stronger hair.

It is not easy to find products that actually nourish and repair your hair instead of ripping them off of its natural moisture and making them look more damaged. That is why, Biotique is your go-to destination for all-natural and ayurvedic products backed by 5000-year-old ayurvedic recipes. Our extensive range of products is suited for all hair types and hair concerns. So, now you know what to choose for the health of your hair.

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