Sun Protection

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Skin brightening cream (pink lentile)

Brightens skin, Protects from Sun and repairs sun damaged skin, Protects Against UVA & B Rays

UVA/UVB LOTION 50ml(sunflower matte)

Uva/uvb lotion 50ml(sunflower matte)

Matte look,Protects from Sun and repairs sun damaged skin,Protects Against UVA & B Rays

Sun Shield Aloevera 30+ SPF UVB Sunscreen Ultra Smoothing Lotion

Sun shield aloevera 30+ spf uvb sunscreen ultra smoothing lotion

Soften skin, Moisturize skin, Protects Against UVA & B Rays

BIOTIQUE ALOE VERA & RASPBERRY SPF 50 Hydra Gel Indian Sunscreen 100g

Biotique aloe vera & raspberry spf 50 hydra gel indian sunscreen 100g

Sooth dryness, Hydrates skin, Sift skin and supple


Bxl cellular protection cream spf 30 uva/uvb sunscreen for all skin types 50gm

Soften skin, Moisturizing skin in sun, Gives Nourishment to skin


Bxl cellular protection cream spf 40 uva/uvb sunscreen for all skin types 50gm

Soften skin, Moisturizing skin in sun, Gives Nourishment to skin

Biotique Sun Shield Micro Gold Matte Cream Spf 30 Uva/Uvb 100ml

Biotique sun shield micro gold matte cream spf 30 uva/uvb 100ml

Matte look, Protects from Sun and repairs sun damaged skin, Softens skin


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Your Questions, Answered.
Can I apply sunscreen directly on face?

Yes. Sunscreen can be applied directly to the skin or even after applying the moisturizer. The correct method of application is to dab spots of sunscreen on the face and then spread it evenly. Just remember to apply it 20 minutes before coming out under the sun. This gives it the time to penetrate the skin and form a protective layer.

Is it OK to use sunscreen everyday?

Sunscreen is inevitable in today's world, where one is either exposed to the UV rays of the sun or radiation from artificial lights (light pollution). Sunscreen gives that much-needed protection to the skin.

Which is best sunscreen in Biotique?

Bxl Cellular Protection Cream SPF 50 UVA/UVB Sunscreen for all skin types is the best sunscreen from Biotique. It protects the skin from UV rays and brightens, lightens, and softens the skin.

Is Biotique sunscreen chemical free?

Biotique products contain natural ingredients.

Prevent Skin Damage with Biotique Sun Protection Lotions

The exterior-most part of your body is your skin. It remains exposed to the sun most of the time throughout the day. Exposure to the sun means that your skin receives ultraviolet (UV) rays. These UV rays can cause skin cell damage and darken skin tone. You must protect your skin with a sun protection cream every day before stepping into the sunlight.

However, don't just apply any product you find in the market. You should always choose the best sunscreen for your face and body made by Biotique. All Biotique products comprise natural extracts from 100% botanical ingredients making them entirely safe for your skin.

Sun Protection & Additional Benefits of Biotique Sunscreen Lotions

On using natural sunscreen lotions from Biotique, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Sun Protection:
    When you select a sun protection lotion from Biotique, they start with a minimum sun protection formula or SPF 30 sunscreen products. It helps look after the skin from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. These lotions form a protective layer over the skin that keeps the sun's rays from entering the skin cells.

  2. Moisturisation:
    Biotique makes the finest sunscreen moisturiser for your skin. Along with safety from the sun, your skin remains hydrated throughout the day. This moisturising effect of a body lotion with SPF keeps your skin soft and supple while keeping your skin healthy.

  3. Tan Removal:
    Using a cream with sun protection qualities aids in removing any skin tanning due to the sun's rays. A sunscreen body lotion from Biotique, with the help of natural ingredients, takes out the tan from the skin cells making the skin tone lighter.

  4. Anti-Ageing:
    A sunscreen cream for the face from the house of Biotique works as an anti-ageing lotion. It helps rejuvenate the skin cells with antioxidants that reverse the signs of ageing, like wrinkles from your face. In addition, Biotique sun protection cream stops premature ageing of the skin from exposure to UV rays.

  5. Pigmentation Control:
    Harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun can cause pigmentation problems in the skin. Using an SPF 50 sunscreen from Biotique can help control this pigmentation and the skin's patchiness from within.

Range of Sun Protection Lotions from Biotique

Let's explore the range of sun protection creams and lotions from Biotique:

  1. Biotique Morning Nectar Sun Protect Moisturizer
    Made with the goodness of morning nectar of flowers, pure honey, wild turmeric, wheat germ and seaweed, this sunscreen moisturiser provides the necessary natural oils to the skin. Apply it daily onto your face after cleaning it properly. It is appropriate for all skin types and contains SPF 30 sunscreen protection from UVA and UVB rays for flawless skin. Your skin will feel softer and brighter after using this Biotique cream.

  2. Biotique Bxl Cellular Protection Cream SPF 50 UVA/UVB Sunscreen
    This SPF 50 sunscreen for the face from Biotique uses Bxl complex for advanced cell repair of your facial skin. It even contains broad spectrum UVA and UVB filters that provide fifty times sun protection to your skin. This product is the best SPF 50 sunscreen for the face that even helps fight the signs of ageing, like wrinkles and fine lines from the sensitive parts of your face. In addition, Aloe Vera in this UV sunscreen cream moisturises and tightens your skin texture, making you look young.

  3. Biotique Sun Shield Sandalwood 50+ SPF Sunscreen Lotion
    With extracts from pure sandalwood, saffron, the bark of the arjuna tree and honey, this SPF 50 sunscreen provides ample protection from the sun's UV rays. It is waterproof and will remain intact even if you immerse yourself in water for up to eighty minutes. This sunscreen body lotion is rich in natural ingredients that keep your skin hydrated, soft and glowing when you keep it on throughout the day. In addition, the sandalwood oil in this lotion improves skin elasticity and keeps the skin tone even.

  4. Biotique Sun Shield Aloe Vera 30+ SPF Sunscreen Cream
    The SPF 30 sunscreen cream made with aloe vera, galangal and sunflower extracts is great at keeping your skin moisturised even in the sun. Aloe vera keeps your skin healthy by providing natural protection from the sun rays in this sunscreen cream for the face. The sunflower extracts contain vitamin E that nourishes the skin keeping it younger and wrinkle-free. Using it regularly before sun exposure reduces the signs of ageing of the facial skin.

  5. Biotique Sun Shield Bio Sunflower Matte Ultra Soothing Body Lotion
    This body lotion with SPF 50 contains a unique gel formula providing broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. It contains sunflower, sesame and ashwagandha extract and has excellent healing qualities for the skin. Using this Biotique sunscreen SPF 50 cream, you will get protection and damage repair benefits for the skin cells. You can use it on normal to oily skin types as the sesame extracts help eliminate pathogens that can cause skin infection. In addition, an SPF 50 sunscreen lotion like this keeps you looking younger with the high antioxidant content of the ashwagandha.

  6. Biotique Bio Gold Water Resistant Sun Cream SPF 30
    The Bio Gold, natural sunscreen from Biotique, provides a flawless matte finish look to your facial skin. It contains gold bhasma, a natural food for skin cells and an ancient ayurvedic rejuvenating ingredient. It is the best sunscreen for the face having exceptional water-resistant qualities that can last underwater for a long duration. Unique micro gold present in this natural sunscreen for face product stops your skin from photo ageing from the sun's UV rays.

  7. Biotique Sun Shield Aloe Vera 75+ SPF Sunscreen Lotion
    If you are looking for maximum sun protection, this body lotion with SPF 75+ is the right choice. The product consists of neem, aloe vera and sunflower extracts keeping your skin well protected from UVA and UVB rays. It is the best sunscreen for the face, which has normal to oily skin and gives ample moisturisation without overdoing it. In addition, the linoleic acid in the sunflower helps retain the water content of your skin cells, making them softer.

    Biotique makes ayurvedic sunscreen products that you can apply daily without worrying about harmful ingredients. Your skin will receive 24 hrs protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays, keeping you safe always. Your search for the best sunscreen for all skin types ends with Biotique.

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