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Biotique Aloevera Baby Sun Block Spf20 Sunscreen

Biotique aloevera baby sun block spf20 sunscreen

Skin Protectant Moisturizer, Sunscreen protection, Made From Natural Ingredients


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Your Questions, Answered.
Can I apply sunscreen directly on face?

Yes. Sunscreen can be applied directly to the skin or even after applying the moisturizer. The correct method of application is to dab spots of sunscreen on the face and then spread it evenly. Just remember to apply it 20 minutes before coming out under the sun. This gives it the time to penetrate the skin and form a protective layer.

Is it OK to use sunscreen everyday?

Sunscreen is inevitable in today's world, where one is either exposed to the UV rays of the sun or radiation from artificial lights (light pollution). Sunscreen gives that much-needed protection to the skin.

Which is best sunscreen in biotique?

Bxl Cellular Protection Cream SPF 50 UVA/UVB Sunscreen for all skin types is the best sunscreen from Biotique. It protects the skin from UV rays and brightens, lightens, and softens the skin.

Is biotique sunscreen chemical free?

Biotique products contain natural ingredients.