Personal care Grooming Trends with Natural Ingredients

We are the millennials of 21st century and always on our toes. An official meeting in the day, running the errands in evening and a date dinner at night. We do a lot of makeup, don’t always eat well and take minimum sleep. This leads to blocked pores, blemishes on the skin, dark circles under eyes and dull skin.

Skin is our most important organ and we either ignore it, or resort to some wrong body care products. Here we will discuss some skin care tips that are making it big in 2019:

Ayurvedic Skin Care Products

With lots of products coming in with a promise of making an overnight effect to your skin are a BIG NO. Such body care products come with a lot of harsh chemicals that do more harm than good. The best way is to resort to organic and Ayurvedic skin care products that provide a gradual, yet steady effect on your skin.

Night Creams and Masks

Just like your body, your skin also gets tired during the day and needs to unwind. Sleeping time is the best time to pamper your skin with some best skin creams that work wonders while you are asleep. People have realised its importance and hence night creams and masks are the biggest hit of 2019 skin trends. Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream is one such firming cream from Biotique that suits both normal and dry skin and helps bring back the glow. Other than pure wheat germ, it consists of sunflower and almond oils, and lots of vitamins to work well at night.

Facial Creams

A wedding to attend, a dinner date or night-out with friends, we can’t always go to parlour for makeup sittings. And then, what better than a natural glow on the face that rejects any need for a heavy makeup? Facial creams are for those who want instant glow on their skin and get ready in a jiffy. Biotique has a range of facial kits including Diamond Facial Kit with Diamond Bhasma, Party Glow Facial Kit, Skin Tightening Facial kit, etc. These help in skin polishing and brightening skin and are a rage among millennial women of 2019.

Anti-Pollution Skin Care Products

With rising pollution levels and its concerns over skin conditions, many companies have come up with skin care and body care products and term it “anti-pollution” skin care range. To differentiate between the genuine, ayurvedic products, always have a look at the ingredient list. For example, anti aging cream

Hair Revitalization

The very common hair problem among this generation is hairfall and hair thinning, dandruff, dryness and grey hair. Thanks to the new age technology and products, we love to get our hair coloured and undergo many other treatments which prove to be harmful for our hair and scalp. Taking a recourse to natural ayurvedic remedies amla, reetha, bhringraj and walnut not only cures the damage, but also makes way for a strong and healthy scalp. Bio Bhringraj, Therapeutic Intensive Hair Growth Treatment Oil and Bio Walnut Bark Body Building Shampoo are very effective hair revitalization products and hence one of the most followed skincare trends.

Every skin is different…what works for someone might not work for another. Hence, Ayurvedic products are the best bet as they have minimum to no side effects and helps in anti-aging. You can also try Biotique Free Skin Consultation to find out your skin type and choose products accordingly.

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