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Honey Gel Soothe & Nourish Foaming Face Wash

Honey gel soothe & nourish foaming face wash

Soothen skin, Soften skin, Gives Nourishment to skin

Onion black seed shampoo 300ml

Onion black seed shampoo 300ml

Strong and Shining hair, Refreshing & Strengthening Shampoo

SEAWEED Cooling Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

Seaweed cooling anti-fatigue eye gel

See energized, Illuminated eyes, Removes dark circles and puffiness

HONEY WATER Pore Tightening Brightening Toner 120ml

Honey water pore tightening brightening toner 120ml

Pore tightening, Brightens skin, Cools the skin

Onion Black seed Hair oil 200ml

Onion black seed hair oil 200ml

Silky and strong hair, Reduces hair fall & breakage, Boosts healthy growth and shine.

Onion  Black Seed Hair Mask 175g

Onion  black seed hair mask 175g

Hair fall control, Helps in hair shiner, Boosts healthy growth and shine.


Biotique rice water & niacinamide gel moisturizer 50ml

Lighten dark spots, Reduces acne scars, Remove uneven skin texture

BIOTIQUE ALOE VERA & RASPBERRY SPF 50 Hydra Gel Indian Sunscreen 100g

Biotique aloe vera & raspberry spf 50 hydra gel indian sunscreen 100g

Sooth dryness, Hydrates skin, Sift skin and supple


Rainy Season Beauty Revival With Biotique's Monsoon Must-Haves

Most people enjoy the monsoon season because it brings relief from summer's scorching heat. Wet soil and a cool breeze will refresh your mood. It's a crucial season for self-care as it carries along with its high humidity. Humidity results in a lot of sweat and moisture which can cause infection of the skin and scalp. Apart from humidity, exposure to rainwater can cause damage to hair and skin. Excess of oil production results in oily skin issues and frizzy, damaged hair. You can enjoy the season with no worries about your skin and hair with Biotique monsoon must-buy products. Oil secretion attracts more dust and dirt to the skin and scalp, which results in further issues like eczema, dandruff, rashes, and fungal infections. It causes long-term damage to the skin. Discover our monsoon beauty products range on our website and enjoy soft, supple skin and shiny tresses in the rainy season.

Glow Through the Rain: Monsoon Skin Care Essentials by Biotique

High humidity in monsoon season is more troublesome for those having oily and combination skin. Skincare for the rainy season includes gel-based products to control oil production. It is necessary to clean the face many times with plain water to clean the dirt and dust from the face. Biotique Monsoon's skincare range includes all the necessary daily skincare items made from ayurvedic herbs and natural ingredients. These monsoon skin care products will not have any side-effect on your skin. A brief overview of Biotique rainy season skincare products:

Honey Gel Soothe & Nourish Foaming Face Wash: Use this face wash to clean your face daily, two times in the morning and before going to bed. It is the best face wash for the monsoon season to keep your skin nourished, clean, young, and bright. Among the key ingredients are honey, Arjun tree bark, and wild turmeric.

Honey Water Pore Tightening Brightening Toner: Monsoon season requires specific care for pore cleansing and skin toning. This brightening lotion helps you clean, tighten, and soothe your skin pores. The key ingredient is honey which is considered the nectar of life, along with aloe vera, Indian madder, nutgalls, and carrot. You can count on it for face care in the rainy season.

Biotique Rice Water & Niacinamide Gel Moisturizer: This gel-based moisturizer is the best moisturizer for monsoon due to its texture and ingredients. It will keep your skin refreshed and moisturized without making it too oily. With rice water and Niacinamide, your skin glows like glass.

Biotique Aloe Vera & Raspberry Spf 50 Hydra Gel Indian Sunscreen: It is a very light, non-sticky, and gel-based sunscreen to protect you from harmful sun rays, even on cloudy days. This best sunscreen for the rainy season has the goodness of raspberry and aloe vera.

All these products are meant for all skin types, including monsoon skin care for combination skin. Keep your skin clean and hydrated to protect its natural glow on rainy days.

Biotique's Monsoon Hair Care: Embrace the Rain with Healthy Tresses

Monsoon hair care is important to prevent long-term damage. This season causes your hair to become sluggish shortly after you take a head bath. It loses its natural shine and bounces due to excess oil. You need to shampoo your hair more frequently, especially if you have oily hair. The monsoon hair care products at Biotique keep your hair healthy and shiny during the rainy season. Here are a few of Biotique’s monsoon-friendly hair products:

Onion Black Seed Shampoo: This shampoo has the goodness of onion black seed or kalonji, which has anti-fungal properties to keep the scalp healthy and free from infections in the rainy season. You can use this monsoon hair shampoo to refresh & strengthen your tresses while keeping your scalp clean and clear.

Onion Black Seed Hair Oil: Like the Onion Black Seed Shampoo, this oil also has the benefits of onion black seed. It will reduce hair fall and boost healthy growth and shine. The oil is ideal for monsoon season hair care massages.

Onion Black Seed Hair Mask:  Use this mask for hair care during monsoon season once every week. It will help to clean the buildup in the scalp and fight hair fall in the monsoon season.

With these monsoon hair care products, you will be able to prevent buildup on the scalp, damage, and dryness during the monsoon season.

Rainy Delights: Elevate Your Beauty Regime with Biotique's Monsoon Care Range

Embrace the rainy season with Biotique's Monsoon Care Range and elevate your beauty regime to new heights. Experience the power of nature-infused products specially designed to combat monsoon-related skin and hair concerns. From refreshing face cleansers to lightweight moisturizers and frizz-taming hair care solutions, Biotique's ayurvedic monsoon products have it all to make your skincare in the rainy season hassle-free. Nourish and protect your skin and hair from humidity, pollution, and other environmental stressors with the goodness of natural ingredients. Embrace the monsoon with confidence, knowing that your beauty regime is backed by Biotique's trusted expertise. Discover the perfect balance between nature and beauty. Try Biotique's Monsoon Care Range today!

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